Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo Challenge #18

#18-Something You Bought
Saturday, Donnie kept the kids while I ran to Decatur for a little shopping. I am wanting to decorate my laundry room. Maybe that will help me keep it from just being the dumping ground. HA. Does anyone else have a messy laundry room? Anyway, I digress. While shopping I ran into Ross thinking I might find a great bargain for the laundry room. No such luck. I did however find these two dresses. I thought they were both pretty cute and the price was great. I don't understand why manufactures think that all dresses should be sleeveless or short sleeves even for winter. I prefer sleeves when it is cold. :)

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Sallye said...

I love those! Ross has such great dresses. Yes, my laundry room always has a pile of something. I'm just glad no one else has to see it.