Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crazy Socks for St. Jude's

Friday, our school kicked off our Math-a-Thon for St. Jude's.  We had the theme, "Be Smart and Sock it to Cancer."  The students were asked to donate a dollar and wear crazy socks.  The teachers gave Smarties to kids that participated.  The students are also participating in raising money through the Math-a-Thon.  Katie Lee was happy to participate especially since she has prayed for so many kids lately that have benefited from St. Jude's.   She decided two different silly socks would be the craziest. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Early Works

Yesterday we headed to Early Works Children's Museum in Huntsville. This was a first for the littles. I had told Katie Lee that we were going to a museum but she did not know what to expect.  She was so excited. 

Katie Lee making a rubbing of the Alabama state flower.   
One of the rooms shows a typical house in the early days of what is now Alabama when people had "Alabama Fever" and rushed to the land of Alabama to buy land cheap that would be good for growing cotton.  Katie Lee did not really care much of the history part but loved playing house. 
Daniel loved spending time at the instruments that played Alabama's state song and other jazz music.  He kept walking back to it. 
They soon discovered dress up clothes and a wagon. 

Early Works also has an area called Biscuit's Backyard.  This was by far their favorite place.  It is designed for young ones to just play.  It is set up with a post office, store, farm, and a house.  I think we spent over an hour in this room.  They had a ball. 

We continue on around the museum to the keel boat. 
We ended our trip in another area designed for little ones, the construction zone. 
I had not been to Early Works in years and they did not have all of the areas for the younger children.  They had so much fun and I am sure we will visit again. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Thursday morning before school we gave the littles their Valentine's Day treats. Katie Lee was so excited about the day. She was most excited about the Lalaloopsy especially for this day.
Daniel loved his little dog, but was still a little sleepy.
I wanted a sweet picture of the two but did not get one with both looking. My attempt for a good picture interfered with Daniel watching the trains on TV.

Donnie gave me some perfume and according to him I gave him "the sweetest gift ever, literally." We had a wonderful day. Katie Lee took little Rice Krispie pops to share with her class. My class had some Valentine Day fun, too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dot is BACK!!

Back in November, we got a big box dropped off by the UPS man. Donnie opened it when he got home knowing that it was his duck decoys that he would need for the hunting he would be doing this winter. Well, Katie Lee thought that they were the neatest things ever. She found one that she really liked, named it Dot, and did not want Donnie to take it with him. Anyway, fast forward three months to Donnie's last weekend hunting. She was so excited that Dot the duck was coming home. HA

Katie Lee and Daniel had to give it a bath.   

She dried it and dressed it.  It has slept on the rug in her room since then. 
Who needs a real pet?!?!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweet Boy

This  little sweet one is just growing and changing every day. He is getting the best little personality.
He is walking and climbing. He loves to eat.  He cannot watch Food Network without asking for something to eat. HA 
He loves for us to sing to him and likes to do the hand motions. He also loves giving and blowing kisses. 
He is growing in langauge on a dialy basis.
But, most of all he is the happiest healthiest baby boy.

Friday, February 1, 2013

PJs and Pancakes

Today was PJs and Pancake day for Katie Lee. She was so excited as always about a special day at school. She could not wait to wear her cute Lalaloopsy PJs.
Getting ready to enjoy the best pancakes ever because Mrs. Ennis made them.