Monday, July 30, 2012

Made It Monday

I am joining up with Fourth Grade Frolics for Made It Monday. I have so enjoyed seeing what all of y'all are making. This year I have worked on several things at home. My laundry room is full of things to take to my room. It is getting painted next week which means that I have not been able to get into it and do anything. I am one of those who likes to go early in July and get it all fixed and then not go back. I do not like working on it the week before we have to go back. Well, this year I have one day to get my room all done before school starts. Needless to say, it is a little stressful but I am trying to be thankful that my room will have a nice new coat of paint on it.

We are doing a garden theme this year so I am using flowers. I made the ones below for the wall outside my class. I think I will hang them from the ceiling at different levels.
I also am using these cute plates that I found at Micheals in the dollar area for my sign to hang along with my flowers.

Planting the Seeds for Success.
This is my new favorite. I have two large windows in my room. I am making new blue curtains. On either side of the windows I am having trees on the walls. Three in all. Stretching from tree to tree will be this cute pennant. I am waiting to attach them to ribbons after I get to school.
I also made how to get home signs. That is such a big deal the first few days of school.
Finally I downloaded these adorable class notebooks from some sweet lady and I cannot find you again, so if this is from you please let me know so I can give you create.

So Worth It

We gave Katie Lee a new swing set for her birthday (in a couple weeks). I ordered it on line and it came in this week. So, this weekend was the weekend to put it together. Saturday morning, Donnie, Poppie, Uncle Wez, and Eddie began working on it. Boy, was it a slow process. Katie Lee was beside herself all day. They worked for over 12 hours on it to get it put together.

Finally they finished the playhouse part. She could not wait to try it out.

Later came the slide. Between it being new, humidity, and bare legs it just would not work. Uncle Wez fixed it. BABY POWER worked wonders.

DoWn ShE GoEs!!!

Finally it was complete!!!! Ready to SWING!!!
Daniel LOVED it!!! He would just laugh and laugh as he would swing.
The smile says it all!!
Checking out from above.
Sailing in her ship.
I think the smiles on those little faces made all of the hot long day worth it. Thanks Daddy, Poppie, Uncle Wez and Eddie for all of your hard work!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

8 months

I know that I say this every month, but I cannot believe how fast time is going by these days. Today Daniel is 8 months!!! He is still such a good baby.

He goes to sleep around 8:30 and gets up to eat around 6 then back to sleep for another two hours. He takes around 2 two hour naps during the day.

He loves eating baby food. I haven't found any that he will not eat. He also likes anything else that I give him a taste of. He has 5 bottles daily.

He is about 20lbs and in size 3 diapers. He is wearing 9 months clothes.

He has really began moving a lot. He crawls (army style) all over the place. He sits up great. He pulled up earlier this week. Today I found a tooth. His first. He can wave bye. He says mama when he cries.

He loves to play with his toys and Katie Lee's. He loves watching her and Langdon.

He loves going to class at church.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hi All!
Did y'all watch the opening cermonies tonight? I did. It is my favorite part of the whole thing and honestly about the only part that I watch. I think it is the neatest thing. I love the production, lights, and the excitement of it all.I loved all of the children singing especially the deaf and blind that sang in their pjs. So sweet!! I had Katie Lee watching it with me too. She had to act it out as we watch. :) Oh, those drummers should have won an award for playing so long. That had to be hard work for them. Anyway, it just made me stop and think that here is all the countries from all over the world. Lots that I have never heard of. They all come together putting aside all their differences for a little while and makes the world seem peaceful. Too bad the world is not peaceful with each other all the time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back Seat Conversations

Katie Lee cracks me up with some of the things she talks about. I really wonder where she gets this from. Her most off the wall conversations seem to happen in the car hence the title of this post. I am writing so I will not forget how funny she is at this age. ------------------------------------------------------------ KL-- Mommy, I think I need to start shaving my legs. Me-- Why? KL-- Well, they are getting really long and since it is raining tonight they are just getting to be a big mess. Me-- Maybe you can when you are 12. KL-- How about 11? Me-- We will see. KL-- How about 10? Me-- I think we have a long time to worry about that. KL--OK Mommy. ----------------------------------------------------------- A few minutes later. KL-- I sure am glad that I don't have to take swimming lessons anymore so I don't have to take a bath and wash my hair everynight. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I thought it was funny how one minute she is all worried about shaving her legs and then the next she is not wanting to take a bath. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Donnie-- Katie Lee, look at those dinosaur eggs on the side of the road (watermelon). KL-- Daddy, don't be redicilous that is a watermelon. Donnie-- Are you sure? KL-- Of course I am Donnie--- Well, what if it really did have a dinosaur to pop out of it? What would you do? KL-- Stay calm. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Donnie and I were talking about how much Daniel is growing. Katie Lee hearing our conversation joins in. " You know it seems like just yesterday I was just that little and now look at me. I am all grown up. " --------------------------------------------------------------------- Katie Lee is all big into spotting Bugs since Hayden's girlfriend, Anna, got one for her birthday. As we were driving down the road she spots one. I reach back and tap her and say punch bug. She looks at me strangly, so I explain the game. She thought that was funny. So later that day, she tells me to stick my arm in the back. I had forgot about the earlier conversation and assume that she is giving me something. Anyway, she swats my had and says, " shoo bug." I had no idea what she was talking about. When I asked she quickly reminds me of the game and she is all proud of herself for seeing a bug before me. I think she got shoo fly and punch bug at little mixed up. --------------------------------------------------------------------- We are getting in the car with Aunt Kitty and KL declares, " I am hotter than a fire cracker, Aunt Kitty. Turn the air on to 99." (Everything is 99 right now.) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Katie Lee is talking about our messy garage. I am sure that she has heard from me a time or two. Anyway, she goes on to tell me that she doesn't know why Daddy has a generator because he has never used it. I proceed to tell her that it is a good thing that we have not had to use it, but that we have one if we ever need one. She then goes on to say, "It is just like that cigar that Daddy wanted to smoke for his birthday and it is still out in the garage." By this time I am completely confused as to what she is talking about. So I ask her to tell me again. "You know Mommy, Daddy really wanted that cigar but he still hasn't smoke it. I don't know why he wanted one because smoking is bad for you. Uncle Gary gots a smoker, but he shouldn't smoke." I tell her how Daddy doesn't smoke. Katie Lee, "well, he really wanted that cigar to smoke and it is just out in that junky garage and he is never going to use it." Finally it dawns on me what she is talking about. OUR SMOKER, the red one that is used to smoke meat. I have no idea how she decided it was a cigar or how she even knows what a cigar is.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Made It Monday on Tuesday

So, I am a day late but I wanted to share a few of the things that I have made lately. The first one that I made is a couple of chalk boards. I sprayed the cardboard in the old frame and turned it into a chalkboard that I plan to hang in the kids bathroom. I also picked up three of those popular silver trays from the Dollar Tree and painted the inside with chalkboard paint too. They worked great at a resent gathering to label the places to put food, drinks, and desserts.
I also made a cute door sign for my classroom. After seeing so many on here each week, I knew that I wanted one too. I think it turned out pretty cute. The wing that my classroom is on has all primary colors in each room, so I have to keep with those colors to flow best.
I also fancied up Katie Lee's pencil box. Once again, I still cannot believe she is starting to school in a few weeks.
I have lots more things planned to get done in the next few weeks before I have to go back.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This and That

The last week or so has been busy with lots of fun things. We went swimming last Friday with the Moss girls. They all had a fun time.
Daniel loves to eat. He usually does not make too big of a mess, but on this morning he was very laid back. What a mess, but doesn't he look cute all relaxed.
Wednesday night after church, Langdon and Katie Lee had so much fun playing outside the church building. He would follow her around and just laugh. They also had to "smell" the flowers.
Daniel was all smiles today as he played in the floor. He is so busy all of the time these days.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Too Fast!!

I have always loved when stores put out their back to school stuff. I know, it is the 5th of July and summer is just in full swing. I love the new crayons, markers, glue. As a teacher I love new border, markers, and classroom decorations. Well, this may be the first year that all of these school supplies makes me sick. You see, this year it is all different. This year is not just a regular back to school. This year is not just me going back to school after being off for the summer with my little ones. This year is not when I have to leave my little ones with care, trust, shelter, and love of Grammie. This year is not ever going to be the same. This year Katie Lee starts kindergarten!! This year Katie Lee will be beginning one of many new steps in life. This year Donnie and I will be beginning one of many new steps in life. This year Katie Lee will have to make new friends, make wise choices on her own, and learn from someone knew. Oh, where has the time gone? This has happened way to fast. I thought I was ready for this, but I am not sure that I am. See it all became really real tonight because of this....
A Lalaloopsy bookbag and Lalaloopsy lunchbox. Tonight Katie Lee, Daniel, and I ran to Target hoping to finding some 4th of July stuff at a great deal. (More on that on another day.) Anyway, we were picking a few things we needed and just looking around. We came to the school supplies. Sure we can look at these. Remember I love back to school supplies. Then we came to the bookbags and Katie Lee spots the Lalaloopsy ones. Right away she asked if she could have it for school. I said yes. It was perfect for her since she loves them so. She quickly finds the matching lunchbox. She puts them on and grins from ear to ear. She is so excited that she wants to wear it the rest of the way in the store. I quickly snap a picture to send to Donnie. Then we continue looking but I cannot see anything in the store except my baby girl walking around with her kindergarten backpack on. I suddenly feel this lump in my throat and tear swelling up in my eyes. So here I am fighting back the tears walking around in Target. Really how crazy would I have looked completely falling apart in Target!! I get it kind of together and let KL finish looking. All of I could was how much I hope I did not run into anyone I knew because I would have probably lost it. You know the big ugly cry that would stop!! We finally get to the checkout. I purposely pick the youngest girl so she would not say something like, "I remember when my baby started school." CRAZY!! HA So, I have about 6 weeks to pull myself together and spend as much time with my little ones because they are growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We HEART America

Happy 4th of July. Hope all had a wonderful day. We had a great day at home. We had a low key day. Donnie worked outside most of the day in the garden. He has a great garden that the heat is frying. I worked around in the house and played with the little ones. Late this afternoon, we had supper with the family at Mother and Daddy's. We ate much earlier than usual since it is Wednesday. After church we came back and ate homemade peach ice cream, cake, cookies, and cupcakes.
Daniel loved playing today especially with his toy train.
Cute Langdon and cute Katie Lee looked so sweet in their festive clothes.
The quest for a good picture of all three is not easy, but they look sweet.

White Sand and Blue Oceans

What would a vacation to the beach be without the attempt of a pretty picture. I took about a hundred pictures of the two of them and I love a bunch. I will only share a few of my favorites. I am also including the one family picture of the entire trip.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

More Than the Beach and Pool

WARNING--THIS POST IS HEAVY WITH PICTURES!! We really had a fantastic trip. I love when we go off together as a family. It is the only time that we get to just slow down and not worry about anything but our little family. It is GREAT!! I guess that is what a vacation should be all about. Of course a vacation has to include lots of good food. That is never a problem for us. This year we ventured off the main strip. The picture below is at one of the best places that we have every eaten at while at the beach. Delicious and not a wait!!
Katie Lee was excited when she spotted a Build-a-Bear. Rainbow quickly became her new best friend. Daniel liked it too. He would just roar at it. Too funny!
Another night, we headed to the Sutton's condo for supper. Had lots of fun visiting with them.
This little sweety was so good during the entire trip. He just smiled at everyone. You never know with a little one if a change in routinue will mess them up, but it didn't with him.
Another little sweety. She had so much fun and was so fun. I love how she gets all excited over everything. She was the best too.
She was all ready with her sweet tea and bag from Lulu's.
We shopped at the outlets one day. We shopped for several hours just taking our time walking around the entire mall. Daniel just played with his feet and then took a nap. I hope he always shops that easily. :)
Katie Lee loved stopping at each riding toy. By the way, what happened to the quarter rides? At the last one we came to, I let both of them "ride".
Another great restaurant. They also get my award for the friendliest staff.
According to Donnie, you can not go on vacation without ice cream. He and Katie Lee ate it every night.
Katie Lee always wanted to open our door, but it would not work everytime she did it. Donnie told her that she had to stand on one leg, close one eye, and stick out her tongue to open the door. To his surprise it worked everytime. She thought she had a magic touch.
One of the best parts of our trip was how much time we had to just play. Katie Lee loves to play hospital. Maybe she will be a doctor. She had "broken" all the bones in her body so she had to get a full body cast. She thought it was hilarious.