Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Made It Monday on Tuesday

So, I am a day late but I wanted to share a few of the things that I have made lately. The first one that I made is a couple of chalk boards. I sprayed the cardboard in the old frame and turned it into a chalkboard that I plan to hang in the kids bathroom. I also picked up three of those popular silver trays from the Dollar Tree and painted the inside with chalkboard paint too. They worked great at a resent gathering to label the places to put food, drinks, and desserts.
I also made a cute door sign for my classroom. After seeing so many on here each week, I knew that I wanted one too. I think it turned out pretty cute. The wing that my classroom is on has all primary colors in each room, so I have to keep with those colors to flow best.
I also fancied up Katie Lee's pencil box. Once again, I still cannot believe she is starting to school in a few weeks.
I have lots more things planned to get done in the next few weeks before I have to go back.


Anonymous said...

I paint too! I love your sign for you classroom! I am at a loss for ideas on what to do with my little boy's pencil box! I want to do something with it but I just don't know what!

Mrs. Reimann said...

I love all your projects.
The saying on the chalkboard is so precious, my son's grandma tells him that.

Little Treasures

Jill said...

I love your projects, that frame and saying are so nice and heartwarming. Thanks for sharing.


Tara said...

Your crafts turned out just great! Love your name sign! So fun and colorful!!! Thanks for linking up:)

4th Grade Frolics

Susan Mumper said...

Too cute! Nikki's needs a pencil box like that! How did you make it?

Carrie said...

What an adorable classroom sign. I want one:)
The Common Core Classroom