Wednesday, March 25, 2015

World Thinking Day with Girl Scouts

Katie Lee's girl scout troop recently participated in World Thinking Day. Each group presents a different country. Their group had Ireland.

Listening to the other groups talk about their country. 

 Katie Lee's troop telling about Ireland.  They each had a part to read. 

Seeing Green

This year I decided to have a little St. Patrick's day party.
We had golden nuggets, Irish potatoes, rainbow pasta, and Leprechaun milk. 
The littles loved it. 
After lunch, we had a pot of gold scavenger hunt. 
Katie Lee read the clues and the boys had to think of where to go next. 
All over the house I had clues hid.  They had so much fun. 
They found the treasure under the bed
which was not made up so it caused a jumping on the bed party. 

Then on to the photo booth. 

Even sweet Caroline got in on the fun. 
Dessert--- rainbow pizza
Rainbow painting

What a fun afternoon with my favorites. 

Happy Birthday Langdon

Earlier this month, we helped celebrate Langdon's 4th party. He wanted a Snoopy party so of course Kathryn out did herself with the cuteness of this party.   
Our cute tables. 
Lots of Snoopy treats. 
Langdon wanted pancakes and sausage balls.  It was yummy. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Langdon!  Aunt Lee, Uncle Don Don, Katie Lee and D love you bunches. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Snow Days 2015

We ended February and started March with snow.  The kids loved it.  We got out of school for three days plus lots of delays because of cold temperatures.   
These littles waited all day for the snow to come.  The weathermen said that it should come around 12 but it did not start until about 3.  Boy when it started it just kept coming. 

Our woods were so pretty.  Looked like it was out of The Chronicles of Narnia. 

We waiting until about 4 to go out and it was already 2-3 inches.  That is pretty deep for us.  By bedtime, we had 7 inches of snow.  That is HUGE for north Alabama. 

The next morning we got up and went back out for lots of fun.  Donnie and Scott made a makeshift sled to pull behind the Ranger. 

Daniel's favorite was just walking and running around. 

Katie Lee worked on a snowman. 
They had so much fun riding.


Even the big kids had fun. 

Daniel finally decided he wanted to ride but only with his daddy. 

I finally got out sand buckets for Daniel and he loved it.