Saturday, September 28, 2013


September is quickly coming to a close. It seems like time is flying these days.  We are in the swing of school and longing for a fall break.  HA

 One of Daniel's favorite things to do these days is to be read to. I thought at one time that he would never let me read an entire book to him , but now he will sit and listen to several books at one time.  He loves them.  We have read so many that he can tell you some of the words. 
This was him one morning before I left for work.  He was wanting me to sit and read. 
Katie Lee all ready for school.  She is loving ABS and 1st grade.  I am so proud of how good she is doing. 
Daniel got this horse for his birthday last year.  In the last month he has started loving it.  He rides it to "Mal-Mart"
Katie Lee went to James' birthday party last weekend.  She had so much fun.  Painting ranks up there with her favorite things. 

Even the little girls got to paint. 

This one cracks me up.  The owner took their picture for advertising and had them cover their face with their painting for security reasons.  All of them just grinned and she cheese. 

Last Sunday was the first day of fall and it was such a beautiful day.  I wanted to get some pictures of the little ones.  That was not nearly as easy as I thought.  Daniel just wanted to run and play and not stand beside Katie Lee.

Katie Lee is always ready to pose for a picture.

She finally just picked Daniel up.  Not the best but as least they are together. 
I love my new door hanging that a teacher at Scott's school painted for me. 
Happy Fall everyone.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lincoln County Fair

Lincoln County Fair is great people watching, family fun, fall kick-off. I am so not a fair person. They really gross me, but this one has kind of become a family tradition.

We got there just in time to watch some of the horse race.   

After that, Katie Lee had to try out a horse of her own.  This was a big deal because she is not an animal person at all. 
With her arm band on, she was ready for the rides. 
Daniel soaked up everything from the comfort of his stroller. 

This ride lasted forever.  It would go forward and then backwards.  I am so glad KL was happy to ride alone, but this one would have done me in if I had been on it. 
Trying to get a good  mommy and me picture with him was just not happening. 
Katie Lee was determined to be at the front of this ride and the little boy that she sat with was determined that she was NOT sitting with him.  Guess who won!? 

This crazy house was her favorite.  Just kept going in.

Farmer Katie Lee with her "shy" cow, Daniel. 


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Our original plans for our long Labor Day weekend had to be changed since Virg. fell and broke his hip. We have still had a wonderful weekend just being together. Saturday morning, we headed to breakfast.  After eating,  Donnie checked on Virg, and the littles and I headed to Decatur. Katie Lee was disappointed that we were not getting to go on our little vacay, so I decided we would do some of the things she has been asking to do for a while. Chunk E. Cheese has been at the top of her list for a while now, so we went. It turned out to be great. We got there early so it was not crowed and the littles had so much fun.

They were all about playing some games and winning tickets.   
I love the excitement they had when playing. 

Our souvenir picture and then it was off to redeem our tickets for the junk wonderful prizes that we left with.

After playing for a while, we hit up some Labor Day sales and then headed home.  They must have had lots of fun because they slept all the way and then for about 2 hours when we got home. 

Happy Labor Day!!

Kiddie Carnival

Last Sunday night after church we finally had our long awaited Kiddie Carnival get together with our friends from church.  It has been canceled a couple of time due to rain but finally they were able to play. 

Daniel's favorite for the night was sitting in the cars.  Just sitting, he really did not care too much for the moving part of any ride. 
He and Bryson rode the little roller coaster together.  This was the beginning when he was all smiles. 
Katie Lee had lots of fun riding the spinning scrambler. 

The carousel
Daniel just hung out at the cars most of the night. 
Fun night with good folks and good food.