Saturday, May 26, 2012

A First for Daniel

Tonight Daniel slept in his baby bed in his room for the first time. He will be 6 months on Tuesday. I cannot believe that he has been able to stay in his little cradle by our bed all this time. He sleeps in a ball, so unless he stretches out he has been fine. Today he tried to turn over in it, so I knew he had to go to his room. It makes me sad and thankful that he is growing. I had to take a picture of him when I laid him down and yes he is smiling behind his paci.

Harper's 1st

This morning we helped celebrate Harper's first birthday. I cannot believe how fast these little ones are growing. Katie Lee had so much fun playing with Kendall and James.
Happy 1st Harper. She loved her cake.
Daniel playing with "Uncle Scott." He is pretty crazy over him.
Sweet Langdon had so much fun playing.
Chapel with her pretty blue eyes.
Daniel and Chapel playing in the floor. It was fun watching the 4 little ones together. Our family had 5 babies last year and 4 of them were there today.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let's Party

Saturday night we celebrated Katie Lee's graduation with a party just for her. She was so excited about it and it completely centered around her. She planned her menu and everything about the decorations. It turned out to be completely cute and very Katie Lee. :)
Our sweet preschool graduate. Look out Kindergarten here she comes!! I cannot believe how fast she is growing. I know I keep saying that but the last few days have really hit me. Not too long ago I told her to stop growing so fast. She told me, "that is just how God is making me." Well, when I found If I Could Keep You Little, I knew that it was perfect for her. Yes, I cried as I read it standing in Target and everytime I have read it since.
Katie Lee was excited about graduation gifts. Grammie and Poppie gave her her very own Yellowbox flip flops and a Lalaloopsy.
Aunt Kitty, Uncle Wez, and Langdon gave Katie Lee a ring with a K on it along with several books about kindergarten. The ring was Kathryn's when she was a little girl. Katie Lee loved it and was very proud of it since it was Aunt Kitty's. Kathryn is the best at gift giving. She always finds the perfect was of giving special gifts.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Thursday night was Katie Lee's Preschool Graduation. Talk about bitter sweet. I cannot believe how fast she is growing up. I am so proud of her. She is such a good sweet little girl with a kind and thoughtful heart. Their program was super cute. She had not told me anything about it nor would she sing any of the songs for me. "It is a tip top secret, Mommy." She was all excited that all of the family got to come and see her. She has made some wonderful friends and truly LOVED everything about it.

The Difference in a Year

Katie Lee's last day of preschool was Wednesday and her graduation with Thursday night. I cannot believe how fast the year has gone by. She has grown and changed so much this year. 1st day of preschool.
Graduation Night

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This weekend we celebrated Mother's Day. We had supper last night for Mother and then today my little family treated me to a great day. I am so blessed to be a Mommy and so thankful that God gave me two of the sweetest little ones.
Katie Lee and Langdon enjoying dessert.
Langdon tried to sneak a bite of Katie Lee's plate. He was so funny. He would shake his head no because he knew he should not get into it, but then he walked a little closer. Finally, he squatted down and shook his head yes.
Baby Daniel just took it all in.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wish I Could Do This Day Over

Tonight as I am tucking Katie Lee into bed. We are talking about the day like we do every night. I always ask her what her favorite part of the day was. Her answer is usually everything. Tonight I ask and she says everything. I go on to ask why. She says, "I wish we could just do this day over again. It was just a great day because I got to do lots of fun stuff and got to help Scott and Stephanie in the yard. I was the raker you know. It was a good thing that I helped them." Then she talks about being with Mommy, Daddy, and Daniel. She finally sums up her day talking about how much fun The Storybook Ball was tonight. I love how the little things are what she always loves best. Here are just a few pictures from our fun day in no certain order. I don't like how they have changed blogger by the way. I cannot figure somethings out like why this first picture is sideways. Anyway, here is sweet Daniel who has just been great and tagged along all day with us.
Fun times with Daddy.
Riding in Daddy's new toy.
Here are pictures from the Story Book Ball in a strange order. Each table was set with a different story book theme. We sat at the Princess and the Pea table. I have added a few of my favorite tables. One is The Three Little Bears. It was so pretty. Another favorite was This Little House on the Praire. The family that sat there were dressed as the part too. Katie Lee went as Pinkalicious, one of her favorite books. We also had several Repunzels, Cinderella, and Fancy Nancy. The band Tangerine Tamporines performs. They are a great kid band from Decatur. The girls danced and twirled the night away.

Friday, May 4, 2012

What A Week!!

I cannot believe that is is already MAY!!! That means summer is right around the corner and my to do list at school is VERY VERY LONG. Only a teacher would understand all that goes into the end of school. It is BUSY!! In addition to school, I also have lots of fun things planned for our little family this month. Starting off our week, we had a couple pictures taken before church Sunday morning. Can you believe that we were all dressed and ready for church with time to spare for pictures? This never happens.
Sweet Katie Lee is always ready for a picture.
Daniel turned 5 months old Sunday. Those 5 months have flown by. Daniel is such a good baby. I am so thankful for both of out little ones.
Today, Katie Lee's preschool had a Mommy and Me tea for Mother's Day. They had made several sweet gifts for us. Love my special time with Katie Lee.