Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wish I Could Do This Day Over

Tonight as I am tucking Katie Lee into bed. We are talking about the day like we do every night. I always ask her what her favorite part of the day was. Her answer is usually everything. Tonight I ask and she says everything. I go on to ask why. She says, "I wish we could just do this day over again. It was just a great day because I got to do lots of fun stuff and got to help Scott and Stephanie in the yard. I was the raker you know. It was a good thing that I helped them." Then she talks about being with Mommy, Daddy, and Daniel. She finally sums up her day talking about how much fun The Storybook Ball was tonight. I love how the little things are what she always loves best. Here are just a few pictures from our fun day in no certain order. I don't like how they have changed blogger by the way. I cannot figure somethings out like why this first picture is sideways. Anyway, here is sweet Daniel who has just been great and tagged along all day with us.
Fun times with Daddy.
Riding in Daddy's new toy.
Here are pictures from the Story Book Ball in a strange order. Each table was set with a different story book theme. We sat at the Princess and the Pea table. I have added a few of my favorite tables. One is The Three Little Bears. It was so pretty. Another favorite was This Little House on the Praire. The family that sat there were dressed as the part too. Katie Lee went as Pinkalicious, one of her favorite books. We also had several Repunzels, Cinderella, and Fancy Nancy. The band Tangerine Tamporines performs. They are a great kid band from Decatur. The girls danced and twirled the night away.

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Courtney said...

What an amazing event. The tables are awesome. Enjoy your last few weeks of school, I know I am looking forward to summer break.