Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bridal Shower

Sunday, I helped host a bridal shower for a sweet girl that goes to church with us. We decorated with an elegant fall theme and I think it turned out pretty. Bride-to-be
Katie Lee assisting with the gifts
Katie Lee, Anna Beth, and Dylan enjoying treats.
Langdon had to make sure everyone knew where the food was.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Disney and a Birthday

Saturday we saw Disney on Ice. Katie Lee was beyond excited. I was not sure how Daniel would do but he LOVED it. Katie Lee sat taking every bit of it in. Daniel clapped and waved the entire time. I was so glad that Donnie and I took them.
As soon as the show was over, we rushed across the park to the Art Museum for James' birthday. This was great for these little girls. They worked so hard on their butterfly.
Laura Beth and James made the cutest cake. James decorated the outside of the cake with her drawings. Laura made a rainbow cake with the prettiest layers of rainbow colored cake on the inside. I wish I had gotten a picture of the inside. I was very pretty.
We had a great day. We finished our day with a little shopping and dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Both little ones slept all the way and went straight to bed by 7:00.

Around Our House

We have been BUSY!! Our day starts early around 5:30 and is full speed ahead until our heads hit the pillow at night. Katie Lee is LOVING school and Daniel is growing and changing daily. Daniel loves getting into the cabinets and everything else.
Katie Lee is rady for fall.
We have a little time to play in the afternoons. Daniel loves swinging on the swing set.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blue Day and Free Friday

Katie Lee was so excited that Friday was Free Day and blue day. Free Friday includes getting to play with other things during center times in class. She made necklaces (Patterns on string). "In PE, Ms. Erica gets the equipment out for us to play." After Katie Lee's PE time I get an email from Ms. Erica with a picture. I figured it was her showing her rhythm and dancing abilities, but it was this cute picture. Out of all the equipment they have to play with she picks critters. HA She may defiantly have my sporting ability.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Art on the Square

Saturday after lunch at LuVici's, we headed to Art on the Square in Athens. Since it rained, it was moved to the gym at ASU. Katie Lee loves crafts so this was perfect for her. She made every craft they had, and she would have done them all over again.

She also got a grape slush, so we enjoyed sitting outside while she and Donnie ate it.

Great was to spend the afternoon.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Fair

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Lincoln County, TN to the fair. If you have never been your really should. It is a sight on SO many levels. HA This was a first for Katie Lee. She had no idea what to expect but was super excited over it when we got there. Right as went entered, we saw our librarian, Mrs. Owen, whose daughter shows goats. Katie Lee loved that Jana let her pet her goats. (My focus messed up on my camera, so no good picture.) Then it was on to the rides. I think she would have gotten on every ride if she could. She filled her time on the little rides and had so much fun.

Arm band on and ready to ride.

Loving every ride
Got lemonade and a prize.
She could not wait to ride the bumper cars. They stood in line for a long time to ride. Here she is all smiles until.... the ride began. She missed the thought that bumper cars means that you get bumped. Scared her to death, so they spent most of their time dodging other cars.
Sweet Daniel loved watching it all. He would just wave and "talk" to everyone.

The Letter G

If you have not talked with Katie Lee about kindergarten, you would have no idea how AWESOME!! it is. She is loving every minute of it. She tells everyone it is AWESOME. Well, Friday was the "most awesomest day ever" according to her. It was Grandparent's breakfast. KL who has not eaten a thing from the lunch room could not wait. Poppie came on his way to work to have breakfast with her. She was BEYOND excited. She was so glad that Poppie was able to come to her school. Lucky for me, I got to get a picture of the two of them after it was over and she was on her way to the gym. Thanks Poppie for making her day special.
Last week they also learned how to spell the word green, so Friday they all wore green. The week before was red but since most of the kindergarten teachers are Auburn fans and that was the day before football season began they just did not mention it. HA Katie Lee is loving it and learning new things each day. She comes home and plays school every afternoon. We had cards pulled all through supper the other night. It is just too cute.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Around Our House

Well, I just finished my third week back at school. I hope this long weekend will give me a chance to come up for air. I feel like I have been SO busy since school started. Between getting my class in the groove of 4th grade, learning a new math series and Common Core, keeping house, and getting Katie Lee in the groove of getting up everyday to go to school, I have not had a lot of time to just do nothing. I am exhausted. Katie Lee is LOVING school. Everyday is AWESOME according to her. I am so glad that she likes it. Daniel loves being at Mother's everyday and playing with Langdon. Mother says they are just too cute playing together especially chase around the dining room table.

Last Saturday night, we went to Legend's in Pulaski for supper and then to Wal-Mart up there. I love going there. It seems like you are going somewhere far away even though it is only about 20 minutes from the house. The Wal-Mart is so much quieter than the one in town and is never crowded. I took this picture of the littles before we left. I thought they looked quiet cute.

Our afternoons after school are gone in no time. By the time we get home around 4:30, pick up Daniel, and eat, there is not much time for play before baths and in bed by 7:30 for Katie Lee. She comes home and plays school everyday. She is also super easy to go to bed. The sun has not set some days and she is ready for bed. She has also been getting up really well too which I am so thankful.

This weekend is very easy going. Kathryn and I took the little ones for a little bit of shopping and supper tonight while Donnie hunted and Zeb worked. I look forward to spending the next days with the family. Happy Labor Day!!

9 months

Sweet baby Daniel turned 9 months old this week. He is just growing and changing so fast. He is such a good baby. He has two teeth which he loves to stick his tongue on. He is crawling and pulling up. He loves to play with Katie Lee and Langdon. He waves at everyone. He is beginning to get into everything. I cannot believe that I will be planning a first birthday very soon.