Saturday, September 1, 2012

Around Our House

Well, I just finished my third week back at school. I hope this long weekend will give me a chance to come up for air. I feel like I have been SO busy since school started. Between getting my class in the groove of 4th grade, learning a new math series and Common Core, keeping house, and getting Katie Lee in the groove of getting up everyday to go to school, I have not had a lot of time to just do nothing. I am exhausted. Katie Lee is LOVING school. Everyday is AWESOME according to her. I am so glad that she likes it. Daniel loves being at Mother's everyday and playing with Langdon. Mother says they are just too cute playing together especially chase around the dining room table.

Last Saturday night, we went to Legend's in Pulaski for supper and then to Wal-Mart up there. I love going there. It seems like you are going somewhere far away even though it is only about 20 minutes from the house. The Wal-Mart is so much quieter than the one in town and is never crowded. I took this picture of the littles before we left. I thought they looked quiet cute.

Our afternoons after school are gone in no time. By the time we get home around 4:30, pick up Daniel, and eat, there is not much time for play before baths and in bed by 7:30 for Katie Lee. She comes home and plays school everyday. She is also super easy to go to bed. The sun has not set some days and she is ready for bed. She has also been getting up really well too which I am so thankful.

This weekend is very easy going. Kathryn and I took the little ones for a little bit of shopping and supper tonight while Donnie hunted and Zeb worked. I look forward to spending the next days with the family. Happy Labor Day!!

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