Friday, May 23, 2014

It's a?????

At the beginning of May, Mother and I hosted a Gender reveal party for Kathryn and Zeb and Langdon.

Kathryn gave everyone a Hershey bar to open to reveal if baby is a he or she. 
Most of us thought it was going to be a boy.
Some were more concerned over the cupcakes. 

Finally it was time to unwrap and find out that it will be a GIRL!!!

Katie Lee was super excited. 

Langdon was so excited it was ChOcoLaTe!!

Kathryn is getting her baby girl, Caroline Elizabeth.  She said she has no idea what to do with a girl, but I know she will figure it out very quickly. 
Opening a few gifts for baby girl.
Playing with the paper.

Easter Fun

The littles loved Easter and looked so cute.

Grammie and Poppie
Our little family.

Attempt to have all three kids in a picture. 

Pretty Katie Lee ready to hunt eggs
Best picture of all three.
Katie Lee--6 yrs8months
Daniel--2 years 5months
Langdon--3 years 1 month
Zeb, Kathryn, and Langdon

Sweet Baby Boy

 Life is fleeting, years rush past
 And little boys grow up so fast.
 Let me take time to be
 Thankful mine's still here with me
 And though I am busy through the day
 Let me take the time to play,
 Let me take time out to smile
 To sit with him for just awhile
 Let me take time out for walks,
 For swings and sports, and quiet talks
 For sharing giggles, tickles, and hugs
 For patching knees and catching bugs
 For running races and climbing trees
 For helping with his A,B,Cs
 For hatching plots and planning schemes
 For listening to his thoughts and dreams
 Let me tuck him in at night
 Hear his prayers and turn off the lights,
 And when my busy day is done
 Let me thank God, for my son.
 Daniel, 2yrs6months