Saturday, April 20, 2013

All Boy

Daniel is loving the warmer weather because it means that he can play outside. This afternoon we were outside and it was not long until he had made his way next door. They were out putting mulch in the flowerbed and Daniel decided he needed to help. 

  So busy

I loved this picture because he is just a little ahead of Hayden and he is walking so big.  Looks like he has just told Hayden to follow him and get to work.  HA

He picked the hose up and pretended to spray including his sound effects. 
Ready to drive the truck with Daddy.
No matter what, he always has time for his favorite sister, Katie Lee. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Carnival

Saturday night we had our school's first Spring Carnival. Katie Lee was so excited about it. I had to work a booth for most of the time so she, Donnie and Daniel got to have lots of fun.

Playing fun games.   
Daniel loved the prizes. 
Face painting
Playing games with her classmate, Lindsey. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Space Week

This week at school we celebrated Space Week.  The entire school focused on space across the curriculum.  Katie Lee came home each day with something new that she learned about space. It was fun to see her excitement especially since my focus was more on the fact that we have three weeks until ARMT and we need to spend time making sure we are ready for the test rather than space.  Anyway.....
Today was the final lessons and activities for Space Week.  Kindergarten through 2nd grade had kite day.  3rd had a rocket launch and 4-5th had a mock landing simulation with an egg drop. 

Katie Lee had a great time flying her kite. 
 Thanks to Poppie for going into work a little late so he could fly kites with Katie Lee.  I got to go down for just a minute to get a picture of them. 
 While Katie Lee and Poppie were flying kites, 4th grade was dropping their eggs. 

I was amazed at the fact that 3 of the 5 groups in my class had a landing that protected the egg so it did not break. 

Group 1---egg dropped safely
 Group 2--no so much....I was impressed that the used peanut butter as part of their support even if it did not work. 
 Group 3--another successful group
 Group 4--This group ( or one in the group) made this foam container that completely supported the egg and theirs did not break. 
 Dropping the eggs from the top of the fire truck. 
They also created a Milky Way display with black lights for the kids to walk in. 

Spring Fun

Last weekend was beautiful and the perfect day to spend outside. Katie Lee spent hours playing outside and drawing on the drive.   
Daniel is going to love being outside just as much at Katie Lee.  He loves his hats these days.
She drew and designed her own classroom using lots of sidewalk chalk.
Daniel's favorite toy. 
Guess who is a climber? 

Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy Easter to all! 
We had a busy and fun Easter Sunday.  We started off with seeing what the Easter bunny had left.  The littles loved their treats.  We also had bunny pancakes.  After church we had an easy afternoon at home.  Then back to church and over to Mother and Daddy's for supper.  Of course it was so good 
Easter breakfast.  Bunny pancakes.
Grammie and Poppie with their grandchildren. 
Katie Lee (5 1/2yrs.), Langdon (2 years), Daniel ( 1 yr.) 

 Kathryn, Zeb, and Langdon
 I spent a good while Sunday afternoon trying to get a good picture of Daniel and Katie Lee together.  He was NOT intererrested at all.  I did catch this sweet picture.  He is going to  kiss Katie Lee.
 Langdon sharing his ring pop with Daniel.  They are just the best of friends. 
 Another attempt of a picture.  One with closed eyes and the other looks like he is about to be asleep.
 Might be the best one I got of them all day.
 Checking out their Easter baskets. 
 My favorite picture all day.  The three I love the most.
 Sweet Daniel.
 Precious Katie Lee
Our little family.