Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Dylan and Kaylee

Last Friday night, we headed to Little Gym for Dylan and Kaylee's birthday party. Katie Lee was so excited to be going and had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Our weekend was full of Mother's Day fun. Saturday Mother and I had a special morning planned to get our nails done. Then Katie Lee joined us for shopping and lunch. Sunday morning I was surprised with a gift from Donnie and Katie Lee. A new lens for my camera.

This pretty little girl is what makes my Mother's day so special.
This sweet one joined our family just in time to make my sister a perfect first Mother's Day.
My handmade gift from Katie Lee.

Monday night we had a special dinner at Kathryn's just for mothers.
These are beautiful flowers from Kathryn's yard.
Her beautiful table.
The girls. Picture taken by the youngest photographer, Katie Lee.
Grammie, her daughters, and her grandchildren.

I had a wonderful Mother's day. I look forward to many more.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Counting My Blessings

Today was the first day that I have been back to work since the tornado tore through our state. It totally damaged a large portion of our school district. Donnie and I drove through earlier this week looking for my kids houses or the remains of their homes. With no power or phones in that area until yesterday, I was unable to get in touch with some of them. I was really nervous about how school would be today. We spent our morning meeting time sharing their experiences. Three of my kids no longer have their home to live in. They were very upset but held strong. They were so excited to get a new book bag and supplies today. Luckily they were not hurt. About 50 of our students cannot live in their homes either because it is too damaged and in need of repairs and many homes are now just a pile of rubble. Three of our teachers/staff homes are gone. The 15 year old girl that did not make it was one of my former students. I taught her and her sister. Needless to say, this makes you think about the more important things in life and count your blessing.