Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tea Time With Poppie

Here is a picture of Poppie and Katie Lee playing tea party. They had a ball and we loved watching them play.

I think it is so funny to see what happens when Daddys become Poppies. In the last year I have watched him play like I never imagined he would.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Already Baking Like Southern Living

On the cover of this month's Southern Living is a picture of Nutter Butter Banana Pudding. Doesn't that sound great. Mother and Katie Lee decided to make it one day this week and Katie Lee was a big help.

Always read the directions carefully.

Pour in all of the ingredients.

Mix well.
Break apart cookies.

Taste test often

Clean up all messes.

Enjoy the finished product.

On a side note, Katie Lee only got to eat the pudding and bananas because she is too little for peanut butter.

Ready to go...

These two pictures are from this weekend. One is when we are getting ready to go to Wal-Mart and the other is going to church. I asked Katie Lee is she wanted to go to Wal-Mart. She said yes and runs to get her doll stroller and purse and then goes to the door. The other one was when we were about to leave. As you can tell, she has a church purse ready to go. I thought that they were just too cute.

Southern Plate

I just have to mention this website Southern Plate. She has great recipes that we (good southern people) eat. She is also from right here in north Alabama. She is also in the Athens newspapers as a feature in the lifestyles section today. Anyway, she is one of my favorite blogs to read so check her.

My Day

I was inspired by Lacy's post about her day. She asked for other mommies to tell about there day, so here is how my day went on Tuesday.

5:45--Up to get ready for work
6:30-- Get breakfast and lunch for the day
6:40--Leave the house with two sleeping in the bed (Donnie goes in a little later and takes Katie Lee to Mother's)
7:10--arrive at school and get ready for the day
7:30---all 28 kiddos came to class--from here to until 2:20 was packed with learning and not a minute to waste. ( I leave what all I do during a day at school for another post the next time I hear someone day that teaching kids is easy work.)
2:20--kids leave
2:20-2:45--car duty outside
2:45--staff meeting
4:30--leave school
5:00--pick Katie Lee up from Mother's
5:30--leave mother and daddy's
go to the Pig for milk
6:00-begin supper and play with Katie Lee
6:30--supper is finished cooking, change dirty diaper, put Katie Lee in high chair with her milk to get plates to the table.
6:35--clean the milk from the floor that Katie Lee decided to dump.
6:40--eat supper and clean kitchen
7:00-play with Katie Lee
7:30--Donnie comes home (early for him)
watch Katie Lee jump on the bed (her favorite thing to do with Donnie)
Donnie eats supper and then I clean the kitchen up from that
8:00--take bath and get stuff together for the next day and dust the house
8:30--give Katie Lee a bath and watch her play in the tub
9:00--sweep and mop the living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry room (Katie Lee is sitting in the chair chanting "mop mop" (her new word) as I clean the floors) and unload another load of clothes from dryer so Donnie can fold them
9:30--Katie Lee is ready for bed ---lay on couch until she falls asleep
10:00-- go to bed
Busy night. I did not get any pictures because my battery was dead on the camera.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eating Out

We eat out a lot. Unfortunately we eat quite a bit of fast food which would explain why I am the size that I wish I wasn't. Anyway, that is a whole other story. Usually I am pleased with the food, quality and over all eating out experience no matter where we go. However, we have eaten out twice lately and I have been completely disappointed.
First of all, a few weeks ago, mother, Kathryn, Katie Lee and I were eating lunch at Burger King in town on HWY 72. I had ordered Katie Lee a kids meal. She was very hungry and ready to eat. By the time she had eaten to almost the center of her burger I noticed it. Her burger was not cooked. I am talking pretty pink, so I took it back up to the counter. I told the girl that her burger was not cooked. She took it, looked at it, and said, "Oh gross" then proceeded to get her another burger. The manager was right there and never told me that they were sorry for the uncooked burger or we will give you your money back or anything. That really aggravated me not because they did not give me my money back but because it is dangerous to eat uncooked meat and then the fact that they did not seem to even be concerned that they had served a meal that was not properly cooked. By the time we finished another customer had taken her meal back too for the same reason. I will not be eating there for a long time.
Then today, we were eating at Arby's. I got our food and went back for napkins. While I was gone, Katie Lee wanted her milk so Kathryn gave her some. I came back and sat down and Kathryn just happen to look at the milk and the date on it said..
1-14-09...that is 10 days old!!! I took it back up to the counter where two manager looking people were standing. I told the girl that it was old milk. She said oh I will get you more. The male manager said, "Oh, was it sour tasting" and I told him that I had not drank it but my baby had. Then he proceeds to tell me something about babies have more taste buds for sour than adults. Who cares!!! Yet again they did not tell me that they were sorry or anything. I will take it off of my places to eat.
On a positive note, I will say that we frequent the Chick-fil-a in town. It is always very clean, the food is cooked correctly, service is great with kind and helpful employees. It is my favorite fast food place in town. Katie Lee loves it too. We can just drive by and she points to it and says "Mmm."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Favorite Book

Katie Lee loves books. Right now she is loving her Beginner's Bible. She will look at it for a long time and we usually read it at night together.

New Hair Do

For fun on Monday, I decided that I would try a new hair do for Katie Lee. I still like her regular do but I thought that this was kinda cute for a change. Maybe one day it will get long enough for doggie ears.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Say a prayer for Jenna

Yesterday, we went to Birmingham to see Jenna. Please say a prayer for her and her family. She was doing really well yesterday. Her next surgery will be tomorrow and they will remove the area of her brain that is have the seizures. I cannot imagine what all Keri and Neal are thinking, but I am sure that the Lord will be with them all.
Here is a picture of Jenna at Katie Lee's birthday party back in August.

Friday, January 16, 2009

While I am at work....

I really wonder what all goes on while I am at work. I came home today to find Katie Lee dressed, wearing black shoes, and a pair of panties over her clothes. Mother said that she got them out while she was getting clothes out of the dryer this morning and wanted to wear them. She wore them all day. Too funny!

Snow Bunny

Katie Lee was "driving" the other night while Donnie ran in to see Virg. I thought that she looked cute in her white sweater and hood.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wishing for Warmer Days

Today, Champ (the neighborhood dog) came over to pay us a visit. He actually belongs to the neighbors down the road but is often found anywhere in the neighborhood where a kid is. He simply loves to play. He is really the best dog. Friday while Mother was here with Katie Lee, they had a wagon ride down the road. Champ tagged along too. Mother said that he was finally right at Katie Lee.
Anyway, I guess today he was needing a friend, so he came back down to our house to see if anyone would play. He is the perfect guest--sometimes he will come to the back door but today he decided to be a front door guest. Katie Lee was so excited to see him, so they laid in the sun together (her on the inside and him on the out) just watching each other. Occasionally he would wag his tail and she would kiss him through the glass. How funny and sweet. Maybe it will warm up soon enough for a good game of ball.

I won an award for a fabulous blog!! :) I have to now tell 5 addictions that I have. So, here they are in no particular order.
5. Diet SunDrop---I love them!! I want one every morning and usually another one or several during the day.
4. Laundry---No, I am really not addicted to it, but it is addicted to our house. It never seems to go away. I do however hate to fold and put it away, so I tend to leave that for Donnie.
3. Drive Home--I love my drive home from work everyday. No traffic ( I use only back roads from Harvest to home), quiet peaceful time, and I get to pick up Katie Lee. :)
2. Shopping--I love to shop.... It does not matter for what I am shopping or even if I purchase anything.
1. Pictures--I love taking pictures of Katie Lee. It seems to be getting harder these days to get a really good picture of her because she is always on the move.

Now I get to pass it along this fabulous award to five others.
Dana C.
Amanda J.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to school

Well, I have been back to school since Monday and the kids came back on Tuesday. They have been working hard since they got back. BOY Today however was a day. We kicked off a fund raiser. My class set a goal to raise about $2200. If they reach it, they can put pie in my face! They really thought that was the coolest thing ever. So, if we make our goal in a couple weeks, get ready to see a few pics of me with pie on my face.

Then our day went on, we had a reward ceremony for honor roll for last nine weeks.

Somewhere between 10:30-12 a few of my darlings completely lost all of their best judgements. I sent 3 kids to the office today in less than 3 hours. I NEVER send any kid to the office. IT was BIG!!

Anyway, I am so glad that I am off and home. I sure hope tomorrow is better. At least it is Friday. :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Making it to New Year

Not everyone made it to 12. Donnie and Katie Lee were asleep on the couch by 11:30. The rest of us played Phase 10 until way past 12. It was really fun ringing in the New Year with my family.

Ringing in the New Year

After church we went to Mother and Daddy's house for finger foods and games to ring in the new year. Mother, Kathryn, and I all made several different foods. We used a silver and crystal theme for our serving pieces. We had lots of good food and fun.

New Year's Eve Fun

We began our New Year's Eve with a visit to Donnie's aunt and uncle in Fayetteville. We stopped at my favorite little sandwich shop there on the square for lunch. The lady who runs it gave Katie Lee a cookie for her New Year's gift. After lunch it was on the Ruth and Bill's. We gave them their Christmas gift. Katie Lee went right in to find the bag of toys to play with. She really liked playing with Aunt Ruth. On the way home, the sun was right in our eyes. Katie Lee was so sleepy but could not sleep because of the sun. Finally, she put her book over her head to block out the sun. She was asleep by the time we got back to Ardmore.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Review

2008 was a great year and I am sure that 2009 will be just as great. 2008 was a year of first around our household with Katie Lee. She really changed over the year. Lots of things were first this year, but here is a list of her Top 10 First.

10. 1st time sitting alone
9. 1st time crawling
8. 1st time walking and running
7. 1st words
6. 1st time going to class at church
5. 1st time Trick or Treating
4. 1st time going on vacation
3. 1st time staying with Grammie while I work
2. 1st time spending the night with Aunt Kitty and Uncle Zebby
1. celebrating her 1st birthday.