Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Day

I was inspired by Lacy's post about her day. She asked for other mommies to tell about there day, so here is how my day went on Tuesday.

5:45--Up to get ready for work
6:30-- Get breakfast and lunch for the day
6:40--Leave the house with two sleeping in the bed (Donnie goes in a little later and takes Katie Lee to Mother's)
7:10--arrive at school and get ready for the day
7:30---all 28 kiddos came to class--from here to until 2:20 was packed with learning and not a minute to waste. ( I leave what all I do during a day at school for another post the next time I hear someone day that teaching kids is easy work.)
2:20--kids leave
2:20-2:45--car duty outside
2:45--staff meeting
4:30--leave school
5:00--pick Katie Lee up from Mother's
5:30--leave mother and daddy's
go to the Pig for milk
6:00-begin supper and play with Katie Lee
6:30--supper is finished cooking, change dirty diaper, put Katie Lee in high chair with her milk to get plates to the table.
6:35--clean the milk from the floor that Katie Lee decided to dump.
6:40--eat supper and clean kitchen
7:00-play with Katie Lee
7:30--Donnie comes home (early for him)
watch Katie Lee jump on the bed (her favorite thing to do with Donnie)
Donnie eats supper and then I clean the kitchen up from that
8:00--take bath and get stuff together for the next day and dust the house
8:30--give Katie Lee a bath and watch her play in the tub
9:00--sweep and mop the living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry room (Katie Lee is sitting in the chair chanting "mop mop" (her new word) as I clean the floors) and unload another load of clothes from dryer so Donnie can fold them
9:30--Katie Lee is ready for bed ---lay on couch until she falls asleep
10:00-- go to bed
Busy night. I did not get any pictures because my battery was dead on the camera.


Debra said...

Oh my!! You have a busy day. When do you find time to rest....:-)
Cute blog by the way.

The Barnett Family said...

Do you always do all this housework or were you trying to impress us? Just joking!! Busy day!! Glad Donnie helps with the laundry...folding. Pat him on the back! :)

Leanne Helums said...

I don't always do that much. I always have several things to do, but last night I had lots of energy, a husband who got home early, and Katie Lee played really good. Good night. :) Some nights I feel I get nothing done.

Erica said...

WOW! I just thought my days were busy....but I look lazy next to all you do. I'll have to see if I can chronicle one of my busy days and let y'all have a look! LOL!