Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Table set for Mother's Birthday

Kathryn had the table set so pretty for Mother's birthday party. (Read below about Mother's birthday.) Mother likes birds so that is how Kathryn got the theme. She really out did herself. Everything looked so pretty. She is great at decorating and cooking. Kathryn really had every detail perfect. She had a little bird at each place setting. A flower packet was used to hold the silverware. The centerpiece also was beautiful.

The Table..

Attention to details

The bar with all of the wonderful food.

Centerpiece for the food table.

Bird houses

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun with Grammie

Here are some of the fun things that Katie Lee and Grammie do during the day.

Katie Lee riding on Aunt Kitty's big wheel.

Mopping the floors.

Blowing bubbles with Grammie.

Running down to Jane and Gary's.

Virgil's Birthday

This has been a very busy weekend for birthdays. Sunday we had a party for Virgil's 86th birthday. We had cake, ice cream, and punch for all of the residents at the manner where he lives. They all had a great time. They even wanted to sing Happy Birthday twice to him. I think Virgil really liked. He even got birthday love, hugs, and kisses from some of the ladies that live there. :) Katie Lee, of course, was the entertainment for the party. She loved visiting with all of the people that live there.

Unfortunately, the battery to my camera was dead when we got to the manner. I was so sad that we did not get any pictures.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Live

Saturday we went to Birmingham to see Mickey Mouse. I know that it was in Huntsville on Friday, but that would have required Donnie to have to take off work. Besides, a trip to Birmingham is not complete without shopping. :)

We started our morning with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then we were headed south. We got to the civic center a little early. Time for pictures outside and then to look at all of the vendors' stuff. We were not planning on buying anything, but as soon as we walked in Katie Lee spotted the program and coloring books. She went right over and picked it off the man's stand and sat down on the floor to look at it. She got the books. :)

The performance began. Katie Lee LOVED IT!!!!!She was completely amazed by everything. She got so excited when Mickey stepped onto stage. Then, of course, she was so happy to see Nandy Nandy (Handy Manny). She had a ball watching the show. As we were leaving she kept saying "more".

What a great day!! It was so much fun watching the excitement on her face. We had gone back and forth over even buying the tickets for this because we really did not know if she would watch it or enjoy it. I am so glad that we took her.

By the time it was over and we had lunch, she was ready for a nap. She slept while we shopped in Brentwood mall and all of the way back to Decatur. We finished our day with supper at Big Bob Gibson. She and Donnie loved their lemon pie.

Mother's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mother!!!

Friday night, we celebrated Mother's birthday at Kathryn's house. Kathryn made a delicious supper with a beautiful tablescape. We gave her a bracelet and pajamas. We all had a great time.

Happy Birthday Mother!

The Girls...
(side note..Katie Lee did have on a really cute outfit, but she found her PJs in my bag and had Poppie to put the on her. )

The Boys.... Donnie came later after he got off so we did not get a picture of him watching TV like the others. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bunny Pictures

Saturday we had Easter Pictures with real Easter bunnies. I got the proofs back yesterday and they turned out really cute. Here is a preview.

Well Check-up

Yesterday we took Katie Lee to her 18 month (at 19 1/2 months) check up. Dr. Dudley said that she was great. She weighed 27lbs 10oz and 33 3/4 in. tall. Bless her heart she cried the entire time and said go go go. They said that it was normal for 18 months to do this and then be fine by two year appointment. She also had to have 2 shots. By the time we left and she had a Mickey Mouse sticker, she was fine and waving, blowing kisses, and telling everyone she loved them. Amazing the effect a sticker can have. This was also the first time Donnie has gotten to go to the doctor with her since she was just a baby. I think that it bothered him more than anyone. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It is Beginning to Look A Lot Like Spring

I love spring. It is my favorite time of the year. I love all of the flowers in bloom. Several of the plants around the house are coming up. Donnie got the yeard cut yesterday. Everything just looks fresh and clean. Here are a few pictures from my house and Mother's.

Spring Break Wrap-Up

Well, my spring break is officially over. It is back to the real world in the morning. I have told Donnie all week that I really want to be a SAHM. ANYWAY....

I had a great week at home with Katie Lee. I did not get as many things completed off of my to do list as I had hoped, but playing with her was more fun.

Yesterday, she had Easter pictures made with real bunnies. She thought that was something. I hope that they all turn out good.

Last night Donnie and I had date night. Katie Lee stayed with Grammie and Poppie.

Dinner and a trip to Target. :) Can't get more exciting than that. We did finish our evening with hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts and being pulled over by the cops. Luckily, no ticket. The head light was out. It was really a great night.
Oh well, back to work tomorrow...ONLY 45 more school days until summer..not that I am counting.

Baking Cookies

After Katie Lee's nap on Friday, we made cookies. I let her put the M&Ms on the cookies. She was so excited about the M&Ms. As you can see from her mouth she ate more than she put on the cookies.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun at the Park

This morning we met up with Angela and Anna Beth to play at the park. Amanda and Lillian was planning on coming too but Lillian is sick. :(
Katie Lee and Anna Beth had a ball. They loved climbing and the ducks. Katie Lee had so much fun sliding with me. She would say more and run back around and climb up to go again. I am so glad that Katie Lee has so many friends from church to play with. We finished our day with lunch at McDonald's.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fluffing

Well, I decided to add a few of my bunnies from around the house for the Southern Hospitality's Spring Fluffing. These are just a few that I have out for spring.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I changed out the wreathe on the front door this afternoon

and found this...

Luckily it did not have any eggs in it yet.

Spring Break Fun

Today, Katie Lee and I took advantage of such a beautiful day. We first took Virg. to the doctor. After that we had lunch with Donnie and then shopping. We went over to Jones Valley and walked the entire shopping center. Katie Lee was great. By the end she was getting sleepy and kept saying "go." We stopped for ice cream before we left. You would have thought that she had never had ice cream before. She was so excited. She would just eat and dance to the 80's music. What a great day!! I love spring break.

Mexican Food, Chinese Dance, and Great Friends

Last night, the girls that I work with and I went to see Shen Yun. We decided to begin our night with Casa. What fun it was with this bunch of girls outside of school. The performance was good. The dancing and the outfits were really pretty. It was however very long. Anyway, great night with the girls.

The girls

We could not take pictures during the performance but this is one I found.