Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Virgil

Saturday night we celebrated Virgil's 90th birthday. We went to Ruby Tuesday because they have his favorite---ribs.   
Langdon and Aunt Kitty came for the celebration.
Grammie and Katie Lee
Poppie, Uncle Wez, and Daniel. 
We will have a big celebration when he turns 100.  :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Lunch and Hunt

This morning I hosted a lunch for all of my aunts and cousins. Everyone brought a favorite salad and it was all so good.

  We made very simple Easter decorations. Peeps and jelly bean flower arrangement took center stage of the big table along with bunnies on nest filled with jellybeans.  
I also wrapped the green flatware in orange napkins to look like carrots.
Katie Lee made bunny napkin holders for the little girls table,
After lunch, we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt.  Gotta love Alabama weather.  Snowing on Monday and Tuesday and warm enough to be out in short sleeves on Saturday.

All lined up ready to hunt.  Since we do not have a bunch  of hiding places our eggs where scattered in the back yard.  I wrote the names of the big girls on their eggs so it became more of a hunt for them. 
Best buddies.
Daniel's idea of hunting eggs was picking up the "ball" and throwing it back down. 
Kendall busy finding her name on the eggs.
Langdon picked up no eggs. He would pick them up and count and throw everyone. 
The great aunts watching the little ones.
Harper---who needs eggs when you can pick flowers. 
James on a mission.
Daniel spent most of his time in his own world walking around. 
Katie Lee found all of her eggs. 
Sweet Langdon.
Watching everyone finish. 
How many can fit in this little car?
What a fun day!!

Ladybug Art Camp

Friday Katie Lee and Lillian attended the Ladybug Art Camp at My Spirited Art in Huntsville.  They were able to paint a ladybug, get ladybug nails painted, make a ladybug stuffed animal, and have ice cream. They had so much fun and are already talking about going another time. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break and SNOW!!

This week is spring break and I had big plans for getting us ready for spring. I had made a list of things that I wanted to do while I was out this week. It included getting our closets ready for spring and cleaning out all of the tights and winter clothes from the drawers. I also had gotten some window cleaners for my outside windows. Needless to say with the cold weather and snow flurries we have had the last two days, I think we will just continue with our winter clothes, tights and dirty windows.

With all of that being said, I am LOVING spring break. Katie Lee had asked to have pajama day on Monday so we did. We spent the day playing and having fun around the house. Langdon and Aunt Kitty came to play too.

Daniel is having so much fun playing and getting into things around the house.  He climbed the stairs to the playroom because the gate had been left open.   
We have also read lots of books. 
We have played school, doctor, and dollhouse. 
In all of our fun we have also managed to get control of the playroom, again. 
Oh, we cannot forget the many games of chase around the house. 
Hope everyone else is enjoying their cold spring break. 

Happy Birthday Mother

Tomorrow is Mother's birthday. To say she is the best mother ever would be an understatement. She is THE BEST!!! We are so lucky to have her. She is also the best grammie that these three little ones could ever have. Hope that she had a very happy birthday and will have many many more.

  Sunday night we celebrated Mother's birthday with supper at Kathryn's. Somehow I missed a picture of Mother. The littles liked eating at their special table. Daniel liked it so much that he came back and finished eating Katie Lee and Langdon's food.
Kathryn had the table set pretty in pink with a beautiful cake in the center.

Friday, March 22, 2013

HaPpY SpRiNg !!!

Last weekend was just beautiful. We spent a good bit of time outside. I love the spring when the weather is just right--not too hot and not too cold. Today feels like we are right back in winter. I hope this passes quickly. It is spring break this week and I could not be happier. Our kids have been in school for 11 weeks solid with only one day. They needed a break and so did we. HA!

Katie Lee loving playing outside on her swingset. 
Daniel's first experience walking on grass. 
Riding along in an automobile. 
Playing her new piano. 
We are also getting ready for Easter.  Thanks to Aunt Charlotte for giving us an easy to create "gingerbread" house. 
Happy Spring!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Langdon

Saturday night, we celebrated the sweetest little nephew's birthday. Langdon turned 2!! I cannot believe how fast time flies. He had a Little Golden Book Party with the most adorable decorations. Kathryn completely out did herself. It was cute cute cute.

The sweet birthday boy in his Poky Little Puppy outfit  that was perfect for the theme.
Kathryn made the book birthday cake including the story book characters.  ADORABLE!!
All of the decorations in her dining room were so cute. 
The mantel in the dining room had lots of Golden Books and a Poky Little Puppy banner that she made. 

She decorated this cute hutch and had the cake and ice cream on it. 

Langdon's favorite part of the gifts.  The PAPER!!
Daniel and Katie Lee were so happy to help celebrate his birthday

Hope Sweet Langdon had a good party and wishing him many more. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book Character Day

In honor of Read Across America day, the little ones at school dressed up as their favorite book character for a character parade. Katie Lee was Goldilocks and the Three Bears.    She looked so cute with her bears.
She had to make sure she could hold all the bears and her book. 
Her class also enjoyed green eggs and ham for the special occasion.