Monday, April 26, 2010

Our House Update

A lot has been going on over at our new house in the last couple of weeks. We have bathtubs, windows, shingles, plumbing, electrical, and some of the heating/cooling system. Our bricks have been delivered and will hopefully get started next week. Everything seems to be moving right along. I really hope that it all continues without any stops.

I love all of the windows across the back of the house.

Katie Lee is loving getting to play and get dirty while we are cleaning up around the house.
Sand piles are the best,
but a few leftover pipes and some rocks in the garage make for super fun and long time entertainment.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Little Naughty and A Little Nice

Friday night, Kathryn, Leah, and I hosted a lingerie shower for our cousin Emily at Kathryn's home. Emily was showered greatly with lots of goodies for their honeymoon.

Picnic with Mommy and Daddy

Friday I took off work to spend the day with Katie Lee. Donnie just happened to be working the Ardmore route this week which was the perfect chance for us to have a picnic together at the park.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look What I Found...

at Wal-Mart. Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers. They are raising money for the World Wildlife Fund. Lilly Pulitzer has such cute preppy items. I think these are just too cute.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Today I am joining Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Today I am sharing a serving table.

This week we had a Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast for the parents who help out at school. Our breakfast was held in our library. A couple of co-workers and I were in charge of setting up and then all of the teachers brought in breakfast foods. We went for a happy spring theme. We used a basic white tablecloths for the bottom layer. We used what we had at school. We used a bright stripe and a pink fabric. Our plates were a pretty bright yellow. The centerpiece was several pots of flowers. A little girl and boy completed the center. The foods all looked so good and I think our buffet turned out pretty cute too.

We really appreciate all of those who help out our school, and we hope that they enjoyed the breakfast.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Did That Happen?

By being in the wrong place at the wrong time. HA Just ask her daddy.
At least the pinkish purple in the eye matching the ring pop stained mouth and teeth.

Paint Night

Last night was another paint night for the girls from church. this week we painted swirly trees. I am really enjoying this and loved this one. I think that they all really turned out pretty cute. I may even hang this one. HA It is great having such good friends.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

One of Those Weeks

This has been one of the busiest weeks that we have had in a long time.

Monday night we had to get groceries because we were out of most everything. We also hit up the free chicken nuggets at Chick. I had to really had to work at not letting the teacher in me come out on these kids in the play area that were WAY over the 54 inches height and playing too rough around the little ones. Parents should really watch there kids and adhere to rules!!!

Tuesday night was Book Fair, Art Show, and PTO at school. I took Katie Lee to pick out a book. She got

She was more concerned about getting to play on the playground.

After that, we met up with Aunt Kitty for supper.

Wednesday night was church. I am so proud of how Katie Lee has gone to class since I am not teaching anymore. I am also enjoying going to the Ladies' Class.

Thursday night was a Jewelery Party at Kimberly's. Katie Lee was all about the party with her purse and ring until she realized that they had a toy room. She loved playing with Hunter.

Friday night was suppose to be our night at home. WELL.....
Molly was playing outside when we got home so we went over and played a while with her and had a ball making mud puddles. Then when Donnie came home, he told us that we had to get something for our leaky hot water heater from Chris which meant an impromptu playtime with Lillian.

It was a fun filled week but I am looking forward to less busy night for the next 28 school days and then let the fun begin!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Pledge

For a while now, Katie Lee has been saying the pledge. She will only say it when she is in the mood. Last night happened to be one of those nights and I got it on tape. I think she's doing a great job. I am just amazed by all that she can say and do.

Fun with Uncle Freddy

Sunday afternoon, we had my cousin Emily's bridal shower. I cannot believe that she is old enough to be getting married! Katie Lee could not wait to go to the shower because Emily was going to marry her boyfriend and she could eat mints. As soon as we got there the thought of eating mints left when she saw kids playing outside. She came in for a little bit but really wanted to go out and play. Luckily, Freddy was outside and she had lots of fun playing with him.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter at Grammie and Poppie's

Sunday afternoon and night we had Easter supper with Grammie and Poppie. They had eggs hidden all over the yard for Katie Lee. Boy have things changed since I was little. We hid real eggs and now they are plastic with candy and money inside.

Hayden and Mary Katilyn got in on the fun too. Katie Lee is just crazy about them.

Grammie and Poppie and Aunt Kitty and Uncle Wez all had treats for Katie Lee too.

Ready for Church

What's In Your Basket

We got up Sunday morning ready to find our Easter basket. The Easter Bunny hid her basket and she had to search for it, or maybe mommy put it away the night before so someone would not find it and then forgot to get it out before going to bed. You can decide which story you believe. :)

She had a new bathing suit, a puzzle, bubble bath, a bracelet, some candy, a rabbit, and The Easter Egg. I was so excited about giving her the book The Easter Egg by Jan Brett. She is one of my favorite children's authors. This book just came out the end of February and I ordered as soon as it did. We have read several others and Katie Lee loves them too.
Ready to see what all she got.

Egg Decorating

Saturday after our Easter egg hunt, shopping and a nap, Katie Lee and I colored eggs. She really had fun with this year doing this and got all involved. She wanted to do it all by herself. They turned out pretty good and she didn't crack any. Donnie got home just in time to see the finished project and to snap a picture of us together.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Showers...didn't stop us!!!

Today we had our 2nd annual Easter Egg hunt with some of our friends from church. Amber and her sister were great host. Katie Lee has been so "egg-cited" about this all week, so a little rain this morning began to dampen her spirits. Luckily the sun came out, we put on our rain boots, and We had a wonderful time!

Ready for the hunt to begin...

Katie Lee found 10 which I thought wasn't too bad considering she had to check out what was on the inside of each one and she had to go to the bathroom during the middle of the hunt.

They all loved their snack.
By far, Katie Lee's favorite part was playing in the "park" as she calls it.

Can't wait to do it again next year!!!