Monday, August 30, 2010

Not A lot Going On

I think I have blogging blahs. Not a lot of photo worthy things happening around here lately. I do have a few things to post from Mother's camera but haven't taken the time to download her pictures.

School is in full swing. It is very busy and with a challenging class. It's going to be a fun year!

Oh a funnier note, this picture hangs over our bed.

Katie Lee thinks that the lady in red is me and I am dancing with Donnie when we got married. The maid is Grammie and the butler is Poppie. She cannot figure out why we are dancing in the rain. Ha HA Not sure why she thinks this but it is cute and I don't think I will tell her different.

House update: I got all but one of the mirrors for our new house last Saturday and the painter should start tomorrow and the porches are ready to be poured. Have I mentioned how ready I am to move in?!?!?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Progress Is Being Made

Finally we are getting a good bit of progress going on our house. I am so ready to move in!!

My favorite room--the kitchen. Maybe I will like it so much that I might even cook in this house. HA

I love this view. It is from the steps looking into our kitchen. The island turned out just as a envisioned it.
The molding is in in all of the rooms. The dining room is my favorite. I added a lot of details in it.
The cabinets and counter tops in the laundry room are complete.

James built the window seat for Katie Lee's playroom. It will be the perfect place for us to read.
Bathroom marble is in.
Lighting just waiting to get put up.
This week we should get paint started and hopefully flooring will start in a couple weeks. I hope things keep moving without a lot of wait time so we can be in soon.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week In Review

Boy has this been one busy week. Monday began our first day of school with the kids. I have 28 students plus one who spends a couple hours a day with our class, so basically it is 29 kids. That is a bunch of 4th graders! I think this year is going to be good. We had to work all week on expectations and by Friday things were looking much better. :)
Tuesday was Katie Lee's 3rd birthday. We went to celebrate at Logan's because she loves the yee-haw. Donnie had to work really late that night so he was not able to go. Grammie, Poppie, and Aunt Kitty joined for the fun.

Wednesday and Thursday were just really busy days with church on Wednesday night and I had an eye appointment on Thursday. I can finally wear contacts again and hopefully my eyes will not get irritated anymore.
Last Friday night, the 6th we celebrated Kathryn's birthday with a wonderful supper that Mother cooked. This Friday night we celebrated Zeb's birthday with white lasagna that Kathryn fixed. Both meals were delicious. I hope that both of them had a very happy birthday. I forgot my camera so no pictures.

Friday night Katie Lee spent the night with Mary Kaitlyn. We were not sure if she would stay, but she did. I don't think either one of them got a lot of sleep.
Yesterday was busy shopping for things for our house. It is moving along now and we hope to begin painting next week. I cannot wait to see color on the walls and see how it all pulls together.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For This Child We Prayed

Three years ago today, God blessed us with the our precious Katie Lee. We have loved every minute of having her and look forward to watching her grow.
Happy 3rd Birthday Katie Lee

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School

Well, today was my first day of school. Overall it went pretty well. I have 29 students. The air in my room did not work so we moved to the library about half way through the day. I hope tomorrow the routine will fall better into place and run smoothly.

Anyway, I tried to get home as quickly as I could to see Katie Lee. She met me at the door just a grinning. She ran and told Grammie to come let me in. She was so excited. I thought it was all because she missed me. Wrong!! For the first time ever she quickly told Grammie bye and told me it was time to go. I could not believe it until she went on to tell me that she wanted to go home and ride her new Dora Jeep. Should of known it was not me!! HA HA

Molly came running over when they came home today. Katie Lee and Molly were so excited to play together. Bethany and Alyssa soon joined us.

Katie Lee informed her daddy when he came home that Molly was a better driver because she was older. :)

Family Party

Sunday night we continued the birthday fun with a family party at home. Katie Lee picked out Strawberry Shortcake as the theme.

After supper, we celebrated with strawberry shortcake cupcakes, Strawberry Shortcake hat cake, ice cream, and strawberries with chocolate.
I made her hat cake. I think that it turned out pretty good for my first attempt.

She decided that she should lick the cupcake paper clean in hopes of turning pink. HA
Poppie, Stephanie and Mary Kaitlyn watching Katie Lee open gifts. The Suttons gave her a strawberry shortcake doll. She was very excited over it.
Grammie and Scott
Katie Lee was super excited over her xylophone that she asked Grammie and Poppie for.
and her scooter from from them and a pretty dress.
Aunt Kitty and Uncle Wez watching the fun! They gave her a puppet show playhouse and some princess magnet dolls.
Ready to open for gift from us
a Dora Jeep
She loved it!!
Love this picture of Hayden and Mary Kaitlyn.
Scott and Katie Lee playing talent show in her new puppet playhouse.

Fun in the Sun--Part 2 Cake and Gifts

Thanks to everyone for making Katie Lee's birthday great.

Let's Party--Fun In The Sun Part 1

Saturday we had Katie Lee's 3rd birthday party. She had a Fun in the Sun Party. She was so excited about her party and having all of her friends come to play. She had so much fun playing with everyone.

The Birthday Girl
Katie Lee and Poppie came up with golf cart rides as part of the fun. They were so funny waiting in line for their turn to ride.
They ate lots of cool pops and played with sidewalk chalk.
Even the youngest ones loved playing on the slip and slide.
Blew some bubbles.
Played and played and played

Dylan looking like Mr. Cool.
Poor Kaylee still not feeling too good but we were glad she came for a little bit.
Kendall had so much fun.

Madigyn and Allie
James looking cute in her polka dots.