Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End of Summer Vacation

Well, today ended my summer vacation. Where has the time gone? Katie Lee and I have spent the last two days playing and enjoying our time together. I am so going to miss her everyday when I am at work, but I know that she could not be in better hands. You would think by now it would be easier for me, but it isn't. We've spent a lot of time telling her daddy that I should just stay home. It hasn't worked. Anyway, I know that we will both be fine in a few days. She will be long before me. HA

Today we relaxed and enjoyed the heat poolside with Lillian and Amanda. The girls had a ball.

These are the only pictures I took all day. I spent too much time playing!!

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Erica said...

Looks like you had a fun (but short) summer! Hope your school year is great! And the way time is flying so fast, it will be summer again before we know it! ;)