Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School

Well, today was my first day of school. Overall it went pretty well. I have 29 students. The air in my room did not work so we moved to the library about half way through the day. I hope tomorrow the routine will fall better into place and run smoothly.

Anyway, I tried to get home as quickly as I could to see Katie Lee. She met me at the door just a grinning. She ran and told Grammie to come let me in. She was so excited. I thought it was all because she missed me. Wrong!! For the first time ever she quickly told Grammie bye and told me it was time to go. I could not believe it until she went on to tell me that she wanted to go home and ride her new Dora Jeep. Should of known it was not me!! HA HA

Molly came running over when they came home today. Katie Lee and Molly were so excited to play together. Bethany and Alyssa soon joined us.

Katie Lee informed her daddy when he came home that Molly was a better driver because she was older. :)

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Dana said...

You will have to tell Katie Lee to bring her Jeep over and play with Kaylee and Dylan. Kaylee has a Barbie Jeep and Dylan has a Blue Jeep Wrangler. They would love to have her come over so they could ride all over the yard.