Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flee Market

Today, Mother, Kathryn, and I went to the Nashville Flee Market. Boy was it hot! I was looking for a bed for Katie Lee. I did not see exactly what I am looking for. I did get some pretty napkins that were embroidered and a necklace. We stopped back by Home Goods. This was a much better find. I got some clothes, a casserole dish, and a book for Katie Lee. We had a great time even if we did not find too many bargains.

I did however see lots of these:

I just don't get it! I saw several MEN carrying around Fluffy. I just don't know many guys around her that would do that.... :}

Friday, June 26, 2009

3 Day Potty Training---DAY 5

Alright the 3 day guide forgot to tell you how to make your child know when she has to go before she starts. HA HA Well, we have made it through the first week of no diapers and Katie Lee has had no more than 3 accidents in a day. I guess that is not too bad. She does great when I take her but she doesn't seem to know when she has to go until it runs down her leg. I constantly am reminding her to tell me when she needs to go. Her response, "sure, pee pee in potty not panties or floor." She knows it, but just cannot seem to get going in time.
If anyone out there has a solution for this, please let me know. Maybe it will just have to click with her in a few days.

We did take an outing today with only big girl panties on. We had breakfast with Grammie and Poppie this morning in town since they got back from their trip. She did great!
We are about to go meet Dada for supper at the Mexican restaurant. I hope this trip goes dry, too.

Yesterday, I baked a cake so Katie Lee and I enjoyed a piece sitting on the back porch.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It will be here before we know it....

Christmas that is. It will be here in just six months from today. So how many of you have already started shopping and planning. No--me neither.

I did get my Southern Living Chirstmas 2009 in the mail last week. I have been getting these books for the last several years and I love them. This year I am however a little disappointed in the lack of decorating ideas. That is my favorite part. It is loaded with lots of yummy looking recipes.

I am trying not to try to plan how I will decorate yet because hopefully we will not be in this house (which is a little sad too), but we will be well on our way to building a new home. We may be in a little rental spot at Christmas that will only hold one little tree rather than one in every room. Oh well, I will worry about later.

Does it ever end?

How many loads of clothes do you do in a weeks time? Please tell me because it seems like it never ends. I can get all caught up and then by the next morning there are more to wash.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fresh from the Garden

Our garden has started coming in! Tonight I cooked supper straight from the garden. Fresh green beans with bacon (yes, I cooked them all afternoon), baked squash with cheese, chicken and dressing.

Moon Pie for dessert.
(not sure why my pictures did not turn the right way)

Clap Clap Clap Your Hands

What are you letting your kids watch?

I haven't really watched much PBS since I was very small. You know Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. Well, if you haven't let your kids watch it you are missing out. I am so impressed with the educational quality of most of these shows. They are funded from a grant from No Child Left Behind. They are great for beginning reading skills and lots of character educational value. From the teacher's point of view, if you are going to let your kids watch TV it should at least somewhat meaningful for the most part.

Well, since I gave my spill on quality television for small children. I also have to make a confession. Katie Lee doesn't watch a lot of TV but her favorite show is

That 70's Show. I know what you are thinking. That is not appropriate to watch. She talks about it all during the day and knows that at 9:00 it is her winding down show to watch and eat chips with her Dada. She will just sit and laugh. I guess it will be OK until she starts quoting lines from the show.

Conversations with Katie Lee

Katie Lee has really gotten good at having conversations with you. We have been having one sided conversations since before birth. We have the grand conversation while shopping and people just watch us and often make comments about what we are talking about especially when we were using our "sign language" for these conversations. Anyway, it seems like the last month she had really started talking and being able to really respond to questions, etc.

As you know I took her pacy away last week. She has really done great with it especially at bedtime. The last few days her naps have started while riding down the rode on the way home. Yesterday was our first nap at home since last Thursday. We laid down on the couch. Here is how our conversation unfolded.

Katie Lee- "night night"
Me--yes it is time for a nap
KL--no, night night (points to her mouth)
me-you don't need it. it is gone
me--we don't have anymore
KL--more wal-Mart
me--no we cannot get one at Wal-Mart
KL- more K-Mart

Bless her heart, I think she knows that we shop too much.
After this, I told her to lay down and I would tell her a story. That worked and settled down and was asleep in no time. She took at long 2 1/2 hour nap.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Potty Training Boot Camp

Well, we did it!! Katie Lee and I made it through the first day of potty training. She did great!! The 3 day potty training guide said that there would be lots of accidents. Katie Lee only had 3 accidents and 10 times she made it. I think that is pretty good for the first day. She told me the other 3 times but we were just not fast enough. Maybe this 3 day thing will really work. I gave her lots of praise and sunglasses tonight because she did so well (and she needed some sunglasses). We will do it again tomorrow. :)

Ready for the day... t-shirt, big girl panties, and Dora flops

Pool break

Showing off her new sunglasses.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us

Today Donnie and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how time flies. It has truly been a wonderful six years. I am so lucky to have married such a great man and I thank God for him. I cannot wait and see what the next six years and beyond have in store for us.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Tonight we celebrated Father's Day with the family. Donnie grilled steak. We had baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad and bread. Kathryn fixed not one but two wonderful desserts. We had to celebrate tonight because Mother and Daddy are going on vacation tomorrow.

Katie Lee enjoying eating supper with her Dada.

Helping Poppie open his gifts. We gave him a knife for his collection and a pool for there back yard that is big enough that we can fit into too. :)

Katie Lee with her favorite men.

Daddy with his girls.

Pool time

This afternoon Donnie fixed Katie Lee's little pool outside. She liked it, but she really liked the fact that she can turn the faucet on and off and it will spray out of the top of the hose pipe.

Kids Day

Today was Kids Day at the park in Ardmore and since Katie Lee LOVES the park we had to take her. It was the first time that I had been to that park. It is a great big area with lots of shade trees which were needed today. Katie Lee, of course, was ready to take it all in.

Ready for a day of play!!


Train ride

Sliding with Daddy

Making a puppet with Mommy

Ready for the playground...It was too hot to slide on.

We stopped by Eddie's on our way home. Colton was there ready to play with Katie Lee.

Katie Lee played so hard that she was fast asleep on the ride home.
(Side note---She has not had her "night night" since nap on Wednesday. Tonight she went to sleep without asking for it or crying. I think we made it!!!! )

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dora Flops, Elmo brush, Mick Mick Shirt but....

no PACY. This week has been quite eventful around here. I had planned to get rid of Katie Lee's "Night Night" this week, but then I had about changed my mind on the way home from vacation because I knew that she needed to be happy for VBS every night. Then I come home and see that Anna Beth had broke hers. IDEA!! Monday morning, after Katie Lee was up and playing I cut a little hole in her pacy. At nap time I gave it to her and she quickly realized that it has a "hole" "broke" "fix." I explained that I could not fix it, so like any daddy's girl she replied "Dada fix" then "Pop pop fix." Well, the hole grew but it did not seem to bother her. Wednesday night I put her to bed without her "night night." She cried for about 15 minutes then she was sound asleep. She made it during nap time yesterday and then bed time last night with less crying. I hope in a few more days she will be completely over it.

Dora Flops
These lovely flip flops have become Katie Lee's favorite shoes. She got to wear them most of our vacation and since we got home she thinks that she should continue to wear them ALL of the time. She has worn them to church, Wal-Mart, Chick-fa-la, and everywhere else we have been. She has even taken naps with them. Yesterday I decided that I would fix them up with cute ribbons. Well, I got one finished and it looks really cute. Then, last night before I could get the other one finished Donnie came home and Katie Lee asked him for them because I had told her that I was still working on them. Well, he gives them to her half finshed. She has walked around all morning with one flop ribboned and one plain. Maybe I will get the other fixed in a little while.

Elmo Brush
For the last few weeks we have been trying to get Katie Lee to brush her teeth or let us brush them. She refused. I let her pick out a new tooth brush and tooth paste but still she would not even open her mouth. Well, Monday morning I tried again when it was just me and her here at the house. She brushed them great!!! As long as I was singing "This is how we brush our teeth." Yesterday she brushed them 4 times. :) Whatever works.

Mick Mick shirt
YOu know how good a worn out t-shirt feels. Well, Katie Lee has one. It is a Mickey Mouse t-shirt that was Kathryn's when she was little. It is really worn out and super soft. She would wear it everyday along with her Dora flops.

Next week should be another busy week. Potty Training Boot Camp.. I am going to get Katie Lee potty trained in 3 days. Don't you love my positive attitude in that last sentence. Truthfully I am really going to work on it and I hope that this 3 day plan will work. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun at church

This week is VBS at O'Neal and Katie Lee is really enjoying herself. After church last night she and James where playing outside. I had my camera with me for the pictures in their class and I just had to take a few of the two of them playing. I think they look really cute together. I wish I had a picture to add of me and Laura at this age. I think it would be funny to compare all of us. :)

Ready to Go

Yesterday, Katie Lee and I went shopping with Mother and Kathryn. As I was packing my bag, Katie Lee found her bag and wanted to take it. She packed it by herself. She really thought that it was something when I put it on her back. It make me kind of sad because she looks so big. I cannot get over how much she is growing and changing. She has really taken off on her talking and BOY can she talk now!! It is great!

Katie Lee took a great nap while we were gone. (During all of Hobby Lobby and Old Time Pottery and all the way home.) I had gotten her a cookie for when she woke up. She was ready for a snack and loved the cookie. Yum Yum. When we got home I turned around to see her and she had it everywhere and was loving it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beach Part 12

All good things must come to an end. We had a great week at the beach. I look forward to going again next time. As we were leaving sweet Dilyn said "I will see you next year at the beach." Bless her heart. It is sad that we live about 5 miles from them and we rarely see them. Hopefully, we will do better with that. As we were leaving the sun was rising over the beach. What a pretty site.

The best part of vacations is always the coming home. Katie Lee was so excited to get home to see Poppie, Granddi(Katie Lee new name for Grammie), Aunt Kitty, and Uncle Wez. I think that they were even more excited to see her.

Beach Part 11

Beach family pictures. These are some of my favorites. Jason took some with his camera too and I really like those and cannot wait to get my copies. Katie Lee was not too interested in pictures because she could not wear her Dora's (flipflops). That will be another post on another day. Anyway, I bribed her with M&Ms while we got some good pictures. I hope that once I do a little cropping and touch up these will really look good.