Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ready to Go

Yesterday, Katie Lee and I went shopping with Mother and Kathryn. As I was packing my bag, Katie Lee found her bag and wanted to take it. She packed it by herself. She really thought that it was something when I put it on her back. It make me kind of sad because she looks so big. I cannot get over how much she is growing and changing. She has really taken off on her talking and BOY can she talk now!! It is great!

Katie Lee took a great nap while we were gone. (During all of Hobby Lobby and Old Time Pottery and all the way home.) I had gotten her a cookie for when she woke up. She was ready for a snack and loved the cookie. Yum Yum. When we got home I turned around to see her and she had it everywhere and was loving it.

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