Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Conversations with Katie Lee

Katie Lee has really gotten good at having conversations with you. We have been having one sided conversations since before birth. We have the grand conversation while shopping and people just watch us and often make comments about what we are talking about especially when we were using our "sign language" for these conversations. Anyway, it seems like the last month she had really started talking and being able to really respond to questions, etc.

As you know I took her pacy away last week. She has really done great with it especially at bedtime. The last few days her naps have started while riding down the rode on the way home. Yesterday was our first nap at home since last Thursday. We laid down on the couch. Here is how our conversation unfolded.

Katie Lee- "night night"
Me--yes it is time for a nap
KL--no, night night (points to her mouth)
me-you don't need it. it is gone
me--we don't have anymore
KL--more wal-Mart
me--no we cannot get one at Wal-Mart
KL- more K-Mart

Bless her heart, I think she knows that we shop too much.
After this, I told her to lay down and I would tell her a story. That worked and settled down and was asleep in no time. She took at long 2 1/2 hour nap.

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