Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas at Daddy and Mother's

Christmas night we continued our celebrations with Christmas at Daddy and Mother's with my sister and her family.  Mother had a delicious supper for us. 

Grammie and Poppie with their grands.   
My little family. 

This little girl is crazy over her Poppie and he is crazy over her too. 
My sister and me.  
Getting a hug from my favorite little boy.  
Mother and Daddy
Kathryn and her family

Uncle Wez opening the gift Katie Lee got him-- Anti-Grinch pills. 

She got Kathryn a beautiful mood ring.  
Langdon a big pencil. 
Grammie an ornament and Poppie a tool.
Now it was time for the gifts for the kids. 

Grammie and Uncle Donnie helping his "pudding" open her doll house from us. 

Langdon showing his knife that Uncle Donnie picked out for his collection. 

Caroline's monogram wagon. 
Love this little ones.

Langdon in his cage for his dinosaurs. 

Opening toys. 

Poppie and Grammie opening gifts from Katie Lee and Daniel.  

Kathryn gave us a picture of our house that she had painted.  

We gave them pictures of their grands. 

What a wonderful Christmas!!!