Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday before Christmas-- Family Fun Begins

The Saturday before Christmas is our first official family gatherings.  It was perfect.  School was out until the new year and we were ready to start the celebration.  First up was breakfast at Betty and Steve's.  After a yummy breakfast it was time for gifts.  Daniel is always ready to open some gifts. 
Quick hugs with Betty before he was off to play with his new toys. 
Katie Lee was all smiles after opening her gifts too. 
Lots of fun-- sisters, aunts, cousins, and little ones. 

This year Betty had Santa hats for all of us.  
Caroline busy playing with her baby and pony.

Saturday night with our Smith Family Christmas. 

Pretty good luck to have this many kids in one picture and all are happy and somewhat looking in the same direction.
The three boys in the mist of a bunch of girl cousins.   

Ready for lots of gifts.

Aunt Judy asked Daniel several months ago what he wanted from her for Christmas.  He said a surf board. No idea where that came from.  Well considering we live in North Alabama, six hours from the beach surf boards are not known around here.  No worries, Judy and Brenda had Harold make Daniel his very own surf board.  He was so excited to have it. 

Langdon busy opening more gifts. 

Me and my favorite sister. 

Our little family. 

Caroline playing in the paper pile. 

Uncle Freddy with the babies.

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