Monday, January 28, 2013

Pete, Repeat, and Repeat

Saturday night, Langdon came to play for a while. These three little ones had so much fun playing together. I got so tickled watching them. If one did something (usually Katie Lee) then the other two had to repeat.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Girls Just Want to have FUN!!

On the way home from school Thursday, Katie Lee tells me that she thinks we should have a girls night Friday night since it was Daddy's last hunting weekend. She tells me that Daniel needs to just spend the night with Grammie and Poppie and that the two of us need to go eat at Logan's, watch movies, and stay up late WITHOUT any boys at home. So she asked Grammie if Daniel could just spend the night and then she went to planning our night.

After school on Friday, we ran to Huntsville for a little shopping.  We ate at Logan's and then home for our slumber party. 

By 7:00 we were in our pj's watching her movie pick.  
We laughed, watched the movie and painted our finger nails while sitting in our bed. 
We even ATE ICE CREAM SUNDAES in bed.  She thought that was so funny because we never get to have food in our bedroom much less eat in the bed. 
Katie Lee's idea of staying up late was until 8:40 when she was ready to go to sleep.  She told me it was the best night ever.

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Boy and A Dog

Daniel has really started playing a lot lately with toys. One of his favorite is this dog that Katie Lee got several years ago. He hasn't figured out how to make it work but he loves playing with it. I caught him in sweet play the other morning. I can just imagine how he will be in a few years when he wants a real dog.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 Days Smarter

Today we celebrated our 100th day of school. Katie Lee has had an AWESOME 100 days and I am sure that she will continue having more AWESOME days.
Her class had to bring in 100 items.  She made a heart with 100 pink Q-Tips. 
We survived 100 days of school! Ha! This is my 4th grade team.  They are the BEST!! Not sure how we would survive without each other some days.  We hung this big sign at the entry of our 4th grade area.  I think every kid( which is most of the school since the gym is at the end of the hall) hat walked up and down our hall liked it and none of them jumped up and pulled it down. 
My class is 100 days smarter. They are really a bright bunch of kids who are usually really good. 
We also took pictures of each child holding the 100 days of school frame.  My kids said I needed a "mug" shot too. 
Katie Lee (K)  and Makayla (2nd)  showing off their 100 shirts.  I love listening to these two play in the afternoon.  They have so much fun.  I am also thankful that Katie Lee has a sweet and good girl to play with at school. 
Looking  forward to  a great speedy next 80 days. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Slumber Party

Katie Lee had her first sleep over Friday night at Lillian's house for Lillian's 6th birthday. She was so excited. She worked on packing ALL week long and had a list a mile long of things that they could do. She wanted to take everything but the kitchen sink with her.

Friday night at 5:30 was the offical time for the party to start when Lillian and Amanda picked her up.  These two were ready to have FUN!! 
Lalaloospy suitcase, pillow, and sleeping bag and she was ready to go. 
When she came home the next morning, she had had a great time and was SO sleepy.
Later Saturday, she told me about all the fun that they had, and then told me that she thought maybe she should just wait until she was older for another spend the night party because she missed me.  Glad that she is not growing up too fast that she doesn't need me anymore.  :) 
Thanks Miss Amanda and Lillian for making Katie Lee's first spend the night party so much fun.  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slow Down In January

I love January for one reason only. NOTHING HAPPENS IN JANUARY! I know that sounds crazy to most, but when you feel like you are always on the run or behind or busy, a slow month is wonderful. Since Christmas, we have spent as much time as possible at home. The weather has been so rainy and with two little ones it is not fun to get out a lot. Also, the stores are kind of on the empty side.

  Showing off our new years hats that my aunt Charlotte gave to Katie Lee.
Laundry is one of those things that NEVER ends, but I am trying to stay caught up on it. I can get it washed and dried, but I cannot stand to fold them. Sometimes we have lots of sweet help.
Katie Lee was ready to go back to school after Christmas break. She really loves it. She got her report card last week and had all 4's on it. So far, knock on wood, she has not missed a day. She has also stayed on green all year. I am so proud of this sweet and smart little girl.
Loving spending time with this little one.  She keeps me on my toes and constantly amazes me. 
I almost forgot the BIG news for this month.  Daniel is walking.  Well, he is taking several steps and adding more each day.  Crawling seems to still be his favorite mode of transportation because it is faster unless you count galloping on his horse. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

We said goodbye to 2012 and  welcomed 2013 in a big way last night. We had lots of yummy food at Mother and Daddy's.

Happy New Year watching the Moon Pie drop. 
Sweet Daniel was ready to celebrate but did not make it to midnight. 
This picture I had to add for memory sake even though it is hard to see.  Here's the story.... Last week when we celebrated Christmas with the family, it was raining when we got there so Donnie pulled over to the side yard to park so it would not be as far to walk in the rain.  Kathryn told him that it might get stuck.  His response was that my SUV was 4 wheel drive and HE was a professional.  Well, it rained very hard the entire time we were there.  Needless to say, my truck is not 4WD and we got STUCK!!  Since Kathryn and Donnie LOVE to pick at each other, she could not wait to get him.  She and Zeb had reflective tape running all the way down the drive when we got there.   They were also all standing at the back door to watch his reaction.  THEY GOT HIM GOOD!!! 
These two little boys loved watching a Baby Einstein video.  Langdon also had a shirt on but it got wet so he had to get it off. 
Picture of the three of us.  We never end up in any pictures.
We are ready to ring in the new year. 
Katie Lee gave "Uncle Scott" a new year's kiss. 
Don't you love her hat.  She and Aunt Kitty made it to help pass the time. 
The best parents in the world. 
Aunt Kitty and Katie Lee
Langdon had fallen asleep earlier but woke up a little after midnight. 
I am so thankful that I have these three in this new year. 

When Daddy's Away


This past weekend Donnie was hunting again in Arkansas.  It was so messy and cold here that we spent lots of time at home. 

Daniel and Katie Lee had so much fun playing with her jump rope.  She taught him how to swing it and he thought he was something.

We cleaned out bags and Mommy's purse. 
Played DocMcStuffin's A LOT.  As I was downloading pictures, I found about 40 pictures of these critters that KL has set up and taken all over our house.  She wanted me to put all of them on here. HA
Shared  lots of giggles.
Watched movies and had a slumber party in Mommy's bed.