Sunday, January 27, 2013

Girls Just Want to have FUN!!

On the way home from school Thursday, Katie Lee tells me that she thinks we should have a girls night Friday night since it was Daddy's last hunting weekend. She tells me that Daniel needs to just spend the night with Grammie and Poppie and that the two of us need to go eat at Logan's, watch movies, and stay up late WITHOUT any boys at home. So she asked Grammie if Daniel could just spend the night and then she went to planning our night.

After school on Friday, we ran to Huntsville for a little shopping.  We ate at Logan's and then home for our slumber party. 

By 7:00 we were in our pj's watching her movie pick.  
We laughed, watched the movie and painted our finger nails while sitting in our bed. 
We even ATE ICE CREAM SUNDAES in bed.  She thought that was so funny because we never get to have food in our bedroom much less eat in the bed. 
Katie Lee's idea of staying up late was until 8:40 when she was ready to go to sleep.  She told me it was the best night ever.

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Sallye said...

What fun! I remember loving those girl nights when my dad would hunt.