Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 Days Smarter

Today we celebrated our 100th day of school. Katie Lee has had an AWESOME 100 days and I am sure that she will continue having more AWESOME days.
Her class had to bring in 100 items.  She made a heart with 100 pink Q-Tips. 
We survived 100 days of school! Ha! This is my 4th grade team.  They are the BEST!! Not sure how we would survive without each other some days.  We hung this big sign at the entry of our 4th grade area.  I think every kid( which is most of the school since the gym is at the end of the hall) hat walked up and down our hall liked it and none of them jumped up and pulled it down. 
My class is 100 days smarter. They are really a bright bunch of kids who are usually really good. 
We also took pictures of each child holding the 100 days of school frame.  My kids said I needed a "mug" shot too. 
Katie Lee (K)  and Makayla (2nd)  showing off their 100 shirts.  I love listening to these two play in the afternoon.  They have so much fun.  I am also thankful that Katie Lee has a sweet and good girl to play with at school. 
Looking  forward to  a great speedy next 80 days. 

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