Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday James Elizabeth

Today we celebrated James Elizabeth's 2nd birthday. She had a Tinker Bell party. Laura made a beautiful cake. I think all of the girls had a fantastic time and loved the cupcakes.

The Birthday Girl!!

The pretty cake.

Watching the gifts being open.

Tea Party

Today we participated in the Jessica Elkins Tea Party. Check out the Decatur Daily tomorrow. We should be in it.

This was our table. Kathryn did a great job of setting it. It was just beautiful.

The Girls enjoying a sucker off of another table.
Katie Lee made a pretty necklace with help from the big girls

and decorated a cookie.
I will post pictures of other tables later.

Future Photographer

Katie Lee has recently decided that she should be ther person taking pictures now. I guess she has had enough of me always taking pictures of her, and she thinks she should try it out for herself. Here are a few of her pictures that she has taken all by herself. I thought that she did a pretty good job. She looked at the screen and then pressed the button and actually got complete pictures of people.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Just Don't Understand

This morning on my drive to work I am listening to the radio and the news come on. It said that an 18 year old was charged with two counts of 2nd degree murder for running a red light and killing a lady and her unborn child. Ok I completely understand that and think that consequences should be taken. What I don't understand is why this is considered murder of an unborn child when someone else can purposely go to an abortion clinic and kill their on unborn child. I don't understand how the "system" can say that one is murder and the other is not. I bet the guy who ran the stop sign did not think to himself, "hey I think I will go kill an unborn child today." Granted I don't know his frame of mind when he was driving. However, that mother who goes to the abortion clinic does think, "I am going to go to this abortion clinic and get rid of my problem." That sounds more like premeditated murder to me. There are plenty of people who would love to have had that baby.
Just my thoughts for the day. I would like to hear what you think. You can agree or disagree. That is your right.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn Days

I love the fall. It is my favorite time of the year. The trees changing into those beautiful colors, cotton in the field, geese migrating south, cooler days, pumpkins, and longer nights are just a few of the things I love about fall.

He has made all things beautiful in His time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

A Giveaway

Please check out this blog. She just opened a shop on myetsy. Really cute.

You've Got to Check It Out

Back during the month of August, I posted several birthday parties at my sister, Kathryn's home. After posting them, she told me that as soon as she got her new living room furniture and got rid of Granny furniture that I had to post about it showing her style. Kathryn's house is Zeb's granny's house which is about 100 years old. It is just beautiful and she has an eye for decorating. Anyway, she and Zeb got new living room furniture a week or so ago. All of the pieces are in and they look great! Please go over to Bonafide Southern and check out her new furniture and tell her I sent you!!! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Daddy's New Toy

Last night Donnie comes home with this box

It is a MojoDove. It is suppose to make the real dove come to where you are. We now have several of these Mojo birds--ducks, geese, and now doves. Boy it takes a lot of work to kill a bird. HA
Katie Lee was super excited about Daddy's new treat. She helped him put it together. She helped him round up all of the remotes to take the batteries out of to use for Mojo. She loved turning the wings on and off.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rain, Rain I love to Play

Razzle Dazzle Writing

Today and tomorrow I am spending my work day in a workshop for writing. Razzle Dazzle Writing by Melissa Forney. So far, it is one of the best workshops that I've been to in a long time. I am not a writer by any means but can somewhat teach kids the basics to writing. This workshop is helping me teach how to add the sparks to writing to make it sizzle which will help make better writing score on the AL Direct Assessment of Writing. For all of you teachers out there, check out her website at She has lots of ideas and things for writing for free!!!

Author, Melissa Forney and me


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Whole Lot of Busy

Boy! This has been one busy weekend. As most of you know, our house has a contract on it and we plan to close on the 16th of October. Sounds like a long time away---until you really start looking at all that has to be done by then. The days are going to go by very fast. Friday the owners-to-be had a home inspection which indicated a few minor things for us to fix. This week we will be working on getting those things fixed. Yesterday, we spent hours taking a long drive. Sounds great and carefree. HA! Not really. See we have to find somewhere to rent until our house gets built. It is not easy finding a place to rent that is not too highly priced and looks ok. On top of all of that, poor Katie Lee gets upset if we talk about moving. She says, " I keep my home. I luv my home." Talk about making it hard on you. My ducks are not quite in a row like I like them so I am feeling a little stressed!!!

On a happy note, our house is in the process of a sale!!! Hopefully by the end of the week we will know for sure of a place to rent!!! James, our builder, called yesterday and said that the person who was infront of us on the waiting list is not ready so that puts us next!!! Hopefully our house will be started in about 2-3 months. I cannot wait. We have picked out the Albany. It is a beautiful William Poole house plan. I think that it will be very pretty on our land.

Southern Lady Give-away

I don't know about y'all but I love southern magazines. One of my favorite ones is Southern Lady. They also have Southern Baby which is the prettiest magazine ever. Southern Lady is by far the loveliest magazine that I've seen. It is all about southern charm and hospitality. I love the south and could not think of any better place to live. The south is rich in tradition. I love the friendliness of the south. That is just what the South and Southern Lady is all about to me.

Ms. Janice ( ) is hosting a give-away for Southern Lady's celebration. Please be sure to check her out.

The Southern Lady Celebration is a girlfriend "getaway" weekend that brings the pages of Southern Lady magazine to life and celebrates all things Southern. The dates are October 9-11th and will be held at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa, Savannah, Georgia. The registration fee is $429.00 and includes four meals, all speaking programs, presentations, how-to demonstrations, tips from the editors of Southern Lady, on-site boutique shopping, a special 10th birthday dinner gala, and three days of relaxation and inspiration. To register for this exciting event, go here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Elmo's Green Thumb

Last night, Katie Lee and I along with Amanda and Lillian saw Sesame Street Live. It was great. The colors were so pretty and the characters were great too. Katie Lee and Lillian had so much fun. They were so funny together. We met at Mother's house and they were so excited. After a quick bit to eat from Chick, it was off to the show. They talked all the way to the civic center. The first song, Elmo came out last. Katie Lee had one of those priceless expressions on her face of shear joy. She kept asking me, "where melmo is." As soon as he walked onto the stage she began clapping. Both girls loved watching the show. Katie Lee also loved the bathrooms. I think we went about 5 times during the show. Maybe it was the excitement of it all!! HA

Playing at Grammie's before we left.
Waiting for the show to begin.

The show starts.

Sporting her new t-shirt from the show.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roll Tide

Tonight, we watched the game at our house with my family and Virgil. Poppie, Virg, and Dada were already there when the we got home from shopping. Katie Lee had to eat supper with the boys sitting on the couch rather than the girls sitting at the table. She was also excited to see Virg. at our home. Poppie was just glad that Alabama won!! Great way to start football season.

Just the Girls

Friday night, Mother, Katie Lee and I gathered at Kathryn's for supper. We had finger foods which are my favorite. Kathryn also had us a craft project to work on. We made fall banners. It was lots of fun and I think that our banners turned out really cute. Katie Lee was also busy with her craft of play dough.

Girls' Night

Thursday night, the girls from church got together for supper at Sweet Pepper's Deli. We really had a great time. If you were not able to come, I hope that you can come next month.

Huntin' Birds

Well, Dove season is officially underway. This is Donnie's favorite. He starts planning and strategizing the "big hunt" the end of July. Last Saturday, three days before opening day, we go to watch for birds in the field where they will hunt. We watched for about an hour those 25 (I mean 250---hunter's way of counting multiply by 10 at least) birds flying in to eat whatever was on the field. Anyway, Katie Lee of course had so much fun playing.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Are My Sunshine!

These beautiful flowers are down 127 from our house. We pass them daily going to work and Grammie's. Katie Lee has been talking about them every morning on the way to Grammie's, so I decided that she should see them up close.

She was quite amazed by them.

Hide and Seek
One, Two, Three....

Ready or not here I come
I love this picture and need to bring it up closer to see it better. She is waving and telling us bye and she walks down the gravel road.
Hand in hand with Grammie.