Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Are My Sunshine!

These beautiful flowers are down 127 from our house. We pass them daily going to work and Grammie's. Katie Lee has been talking about them every morning on the way to Grammie's, so I decided that she should see them up close.

She was quite amazed by them.

Hide and Seek
One, Two, Three....

Ready or not here I come
I love this picture and need to bring it up closer to see it better. She is waving and telling us bye and she walks down the gravel road.
Hand in hand with Grammie.


Carolee said...

How sweet!! I've been meaning to stop by there for some pictures before they start drooping their little heads over. I always tell Roy sunflowers look so sad when they droop. Of course, he thinks I'm crazy! :)

Beth said...

They are just beautiful and a pretty little girl just makes them better, doesn't it? I like the picture with your mother, too. That is so sweet. I sure am thankful we have their grandparents for them to have fun with!