Monday, December 28, 2009

December Daily--Day 28

Today we had Girl's Day out at the movies. Katie Lee has just gotten into the whole princess movie thing in the last month or so. She has watched a couple of movies here at home, so I thought that she would like to go see The Princess and The Frog. She was so excited about it and the fact that Grammie, Aunt Kitty, Stephanie, and Mary Kaitlyn were all going with us. Katie Lee has never just sat through a movie or any TV much over 30-45minutes, so I wasn't sure how she would do. We got in and the movie started. She was really enjoying it and then all the candy ran out and she got restless.

About forty minutes left in the movie, she had had all she could take. We went out and waiting on the others. She had much more fun playing.

From the parts that I did get to see of the movie, it was really cute. I would have liked to have seen the rest of it. I'll just have to wait until it comes out on DVD.


Sunday after church I took down all of our Christmas decorations. Since I did so much LESS decorating this year, the clean up was really quick. Donnie was great at helping. I think he was just excited the season was over and he could have a few less hours of overtime each week. Katie Lee really got into the help too.

Into the box that is....

December Daily--Day 26

Friday night we celebrated Christmas with Donnie's Uncle Virg. Katie Lee loved entertaining him and the others at the Manor.

Donnie, Katie Lee and Virg.

Going down the hall to visit with the others and taking Virg's walker along with her.

Helping him open his gifts.

On Saturday we visited with the rest of his family, The Warren's (not blood related but close enough to call family) and then his Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth. Sadly, I forgot to take camera with me.

December Daily-day 25 part 2

Christmas night we went to Mother and Daddy's. Mother had a wonderful super ready for us. We all really stuffed ourselves. Then it was time for gifts.

The Smith Family

Don't ya just love the green and pink apron. I had Mother to make it as part of Katie Lee's gifts from Santa, but Santa forgot about it until it was time to go to. Katie Lee loved it so much that she wore it most of the night.
Ready for Grammie's cooking.
She got an umbrella from Grammie and Poppie.
and a Mickey Mouse clubhouse
an art easel
and a Chick gift card along with many other things. Katie Lee was super excited about this and said "charge it and give me some food please."
Aunt Kitty and Uncle Wez gave her a tea cart with a tea set and a Snow White broom and dustpan which she has been very helpful with.

She sat with Wez for the longest letting him tell her stories about Boss, his dog.
It was truly a wonderful Christmas with our family, lots of delicious food and great gifts. We are so blessed to have our family.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Daily--Dec. 25th---Part 1 Christmas Morning

Thursday night before bed, we read Twas the Night Before Christmas. She enjoyed it so much; we read it twice. I told her that in the morning would be Christmas and she would have gifts under the tree when she woke up. Friday morning when we got up, Santa had arrived at our house the night before. This was so much fun this year because Katie Lee was really old enough to get into the whole thing. All season long, she has said that she wanted CLOTHES for Christmas. A girl after my own heart! Well, we also got her a play kitchen along with a few other toys and some new play clothes.The kitchen was the only unwrapped gift so it was the first thing she saw. She played with it for a long time before noticing other gifts around her. It was so funny watching her unwrap one, play with it, then back to play with the kitchen before opening another gift. She soon figured out there was better things than clothes for Christmas even though she was excited over them too.

This was a great Christmas day. We had no placed to go until that night, so we played in our PJ's all day long. I must have been pretty good this year too. I got a pretty pair of earrings and a slide for my bracelet. Donnie got a tree stand which he already killed a deer out off, cover-alls, and some clothes.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

December Daily -Day 24

Parties Parties Parties
Katie Lee and I have been super busy since I got out of school. On Wednesday we and Grammie went to Storytime for the Christmas party. Of course, it was lots of fun.

Getting ready to sing...
Enjoying the party.
Getting all of the goodies..
Katie Lee and James checking out their gifts. I am glad that the two of them are getting to go to this each week.
After this party, Katie Lee and I went to our favorite eating spot to play with a couple of her besties, and I enjoyed catching up with mine, too.

Christmas Eve Morning
Thursday morning, Christmas Eve, we headed to Betty's for breakfast. Sadly Donnie was still playing Christmas Elf at UPS so he did not get to go. After a wonderful breakfast, it was time for gifts for the kiddos and Dirty Christmas for the big ones.
I got a super cute picture frame as my gift but forgot to take a picture.

Christmas Eve Night
On Christmas Eve Night, we headed to Aunt Mary's for the McNatt Christmas. Delicious food as usual. My aunts can really cook. I did a pitiful job of taking pictures that night. Katie Lee really had fun playing with all of her cousins that were there.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Daily--Day 23

Last night several of the girls that I work with got together for dinner and Dirty Christmas at Nicole's home. We also decided to surprise Audrey for her birthday. It is on the 26th and she says that it is always forgotten. To top it off she is turning the big 4-0 this year so we wanted to be sure not to miss it.

On a side note, every year the 4th grade team always gets each other a little something for Christmas. This year I gave these.(pictured below) I have seen several really cute ones monogrammed, but I no machine. At a craft show a couple years ago, I saw travel mugs made with paper. That I can do!! I found the mugs at the Dollar Tree, got cute scrapbook paper and vinyl paper from Hobby Lobby. I cut the letters out at school with the Die cut. I also had the paper laminated so that it would be sturdier. I wrapped them up with a couple of packets of favored coffee, and I thought that they turned out very cute.

December Daily--Day 22

Sunday night, we had our traditional pizza party at Betty and Steve's.

All of the little ones....
Making cookies
trying them out....
playing a tune

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 21--Smith Christmas

Saturday night we had our Christmas on Daddy's side of the family. It was at Judy's house and the food was so good.

Once, Katie Lee figured out what opening Christmas presents meant she was so excited.
Playing tea party with Poppie.
Checking out Grammie holding baby Noah and trying to convince her to give him back and hold her.

The two of us.... pretty sweet looking couple.. HAHA
The great-cousins.

Future bloggers.

Daddy and his brothers Freddy and Charles.
The family. Judy, Brenda, Freddy, Charles, and Daddy

December Daily--Day 20

Friday night we celebrated Lillian's 3rd birthday. Katie Lee just adores her and was so excited to go to her princess party. On the way, she told me that she was going to become Cinderella and Lillian could be a mermaid. When the party started and the centers of beauty began, Katie Lee wanted no part. She did finally get her finger nails painted. Sadly, my battery in my camera died so I have only a couple of pictures.