Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Daily--Day 23

Last night several of the girls that I work with got together for dinner and Dirty Christmas at Nicole's home. We also decided to surprise Audrey for her birthday. It is on the 26th and she says that it is always forgotten. To top it off she is turning the big 4-0 this year so we wanted to be sure not to miss it.

On a side note, every year the 4th grade team always gets each other a little something for Christmas. This year I gave these.(pictured below) I have seen several really cute ones monogrammed, but I no machine. At a craft show a couple years ago, I saw travel mugs made with paper. That I can do!! I found the mugs at the Dollar Tree, got cute scrapbook paper and vinyl paper from Hobby Lobby. I cut the letters out at school with the Die cut. I also had the paper laminated so that it would be sturdier. I wrapped them up with a couple of packets of favored coffee, and I thought that they turned out very cute.


A Lovell said...

Very cute mugs!

Julie :) said...

I hate that I missed the party! I was looking forward to it. Just too much going on. My brother was back in town (only for 2 weeks). It looks like you guys had a good time though. Miss you guys and see you soon!