Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Daily--Day 19

Class parties and simple machines.
Yesterday was the Christmas party for my class. Unfortunately it was not our last day of school like most over systems around here. Check out the my class blog at for more pictures of my kids. They had a great time and I got several wonderful gifts. We have to follow the "sugar free" guidelines at our schools. My class could vote for either a pizza party, chicken nuggets, or Subway. They picked Subway and asked for chips, fruit, and vegetables. They really ate and ate!
Here are a few pictures of the Christmas crafts made around our room. We have a few more fun crafts to make in the next two days, too.

Outside of my class are math snowmen. They had to work out a word problem with multiplication on the belly.
They made the reindeer with their feet and hands and then wrote a help wanted ad for one of Santa's elf.
We are working really hard at becoming better writers, so here is our color wall. Helps make writing paint a better picture.
Our tree. They wanted to make chains to count down until Christmas which is a little kindergarten-ish, so ours turned into a multiplication chain which they loved. Our candies are descriptive words to describe it.
We are also learning about simple machines so as an at home project they had to build one. They also had to show how it works and explain the parts. They LOVED it!! I was very proud of all of their hard work.

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