Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Daily--Day2---Favorite Ornaments

I love Christmas ornaments and have been collecting them for as long as I can remember. This year I had to be very selected because I went from a tree in every room to one much smaller tree in our living room. There is just no room for my big tree this year. Anyway, here is a couple of my special ones. Every ornament of ours tells a story. I try to always get one when we go on vacation or do something special to remind us of the place and the events. I will share more on another day.

My daddy gave me and my sister this ornament several years before either of us got married. He told us that we had to put a picture of our first born on his/her first Christmas in this frame to hang on the tree each year.

Katie Lee gave this one to Donnie last year for Christmas. They have danced just about every night since she was old enough to keep her head up good.

Several years ago, a few of the girls from school took a mini-vacation at the end of school together.

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A Lovell said...

Love the ornaments. I have a weakness for christmas ornaments, I can't seen to resist them.