Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Vacation

Well, I am on my surprise swine vacation for a long four day weekend. I was so in need of a few days away from my a few of my darlings that when I heard the news I just had to squeal like a pig. HA HA! We did not get our official call until about 10:30 last night. I think the news spoke too soon for Madison County. I know it is nothing to laugh about, but do you think that we are ever a little too over protective about some things and not to others. I do hope that it does not get bad and the ones who have it get well soon. Anyway, for the next couple of days I will welcome the break; however, if we have to make these days up after Memorial Day, I probably will not be singing such a happy song. We also missed our field trip today to Ivy Green and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Not sure what we will do about that since it is so late in the year, and I don't know how to refund money which will not go over well with some parents. Hopefully it will all work out.

So, what to do with myself on my first day of vacation. Sleep in---Ha didn't happen. Bless Katie Lee's little heart, she woke up at 4:45 this morning trying to scream our names but a mere squeak came out of her horse little mouth. By 10 she still was not getting any better so I called the doctor. 11:30 appointment. BY the time the nurse walked in, she knew Katie Lee had the croup. The doctor came in to confirm and then Katie Lee got a shot. ( For all of you in class last night, she was fine then. She slept all night and just woke up with it this morning. The doctor said that it comes that fast. I will get over to church before Sunday to disinfect the room.) After the doctor, we met Donnie for lunch and then headed home for an afternoon nap. Unfortunately we will not get to attend Dylan's and Kaylee's birthday party this afternoon.

Day 2 of my mini vacation. I hope to work in the kitchen and get a few other projects complete in between playing with Katie Lee.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can't time please slow down

I cannot believe that I even wrote that title. I am the one who has been counting down days until summer since Christmas. Yes, I still want the school day to go quickly, but Katie Lee needs to slow down. She is growing and changing so fast. Don't get me wrong, I want her to grow and develop normally and I would never want to hinder her development, but she is just growing up too fast. Just yesterday, she learned how to say Gary, Boss (Zeb's dog), and forget. She also recognized the color yellow in a book and said yellow. All of that is fine and good, and I am very proud of her. Here is the sad part. Ever since Katie Lee was a baby, night time has been our special cuddle time. At first we would rock in the recliner, then she wanted to lay on the couch, and in the last few nights she would get just about asleep and want to go to bed. Once she falls asleep we put her in her baby bed. Well, last night we got on the couch, said her nite nite prayer (even prayed for the ceiling fan) and she pointed into her room and said nite nite bed. She wanted to just go lay down in her bed before going to sleep. I laid her down and she snuggled up with Dog Dog. I tried to pet her and she moved my hand. Oh, she doesn't even need me to go to sleep anymore! I never thought that would bother me. I had even been talking about her a big bed because she is getting close to being able to climb out of the baby bed, but it completely broke my heart. Anyway, she slept all night but was very proud to see me this morning before I left for work. I know this will seem really minor before long and I will probably even laugh about it.

Well, my class just came in. Maybe the day will go quickly. :) Only 18 more to go!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It is that time of year...

YARD WORK!! Today was our first official day to work outdoors. We got most of garden planted and the flowers. Don't you love how I say WE? Well, actually Donnie planted everything and Katie Lee and I supervised. HA Katie Lee was a lot of help--stepping on a few plants and throwing a bunch of dirt. Needless to say, it was a great day.

Planting tomatoes.

Making sure Daddy's hat is on.

Stopping for a hug

Marching in the dirt.

Checking their work.

Planting more vegetables.

Cutting the grass.

Putting soil in planter for flowers.

What a MESS!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did you know?

Hey girls,
Just wanted to let you know, incase you did not already know, that Carolee from church is very talented. She has made several pairs of panties for Katie Lee. I did not know what all she makes, but I knew she made a lot really cute things. Anyway, I just found her blog!! Her busisness is called THE PEPPERMINT PORCH. She has several pictures of things that she made. Way too cute!! Just wanted to share about our talented friend. :)Here are just a few pictures from her blog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Growing too Fast

Katie Lee just never stops amazing me. Everyday here lately I come home and she has a new word or a new thing that she has learned to do. Today I got home and Mother told me that she was trying to climb into the TV to play with Barney and the other people on that show. Maybe she is going to have a vivid imagination or maybe she just really needs some kids to play with. Either way, I think that is pretty cute.
She has also decided she should just go free. I mean naked! She would to run around "Neck Neck" all of the time if I would let her. She has learned to take her diaper off even when it is not the cleanest diaper. I think it is time to potty train.

She is just growing and changing way too fast. I am loving every minute of it and trying to not miss anything.

Another favorite is when she wakes up around 5:30 (not 2:00a.m.) and I put her in the bed with us. I have to be up in 15 minutes anyway. She and Donnie go right back to sleep. They sleep the same way--hands over head.

Here she is running around "NeckNeck." She got away too fast while I was getting her ready for bed. I am sure that she would have had the top off too, but it is the Minnie Mouse top from Poppie.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Since I on a Cleaning Spree...

I got a book (from the Scholastic bookclub that I send home to my class) called "The Moms' Book For the Mom Who's Best at Everything." It has all sorts of mom stuff. One I thought was funny and I decided that I would share it with all of you other housekeeping moms in the world.

Ten Excuses Not to DO Housework

1. As soon as the kids get home, they'll undo all your hard work, anyway.
Phyllis Diller said, " Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing."
2. "There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years, the dirt doesn't get any worse," stated Quentin Crisp.
3. Maid services can be very affordable. If you don't work and you can't bear the though of watching someone else do your cleaning, grab some "me time"and go shopping or have lunch with friends while someone else slaves away amid the dust and debris of your home.
4. You are unlikely to be appreciated for your effort, whereas a great new outfit and a makeover will make you feel better.
5. There's always tomorrow!!
6. Make sure you have a friend who is messier than you. When you feel guilty because of your house, go and visit her. You'll be amazed at how clean your house will seem when you get home.
7. If you have a friends with immaculate houses, tell yourself that they must have too much time on their hands and leads a really boring life. You are far too interesting to spend all that time washing the windows, polishing the furniture, vacuuming the curtains, and scrubbing the kitchen floor.
8. Haven't you heard of spring cleaning? Once a year is enough.
9. Dust actually protects surfaces!
10. Frankly, there's always something better to do!

Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Mess!!!!

I knew that I had been letting things around go for a while, so today I decided to tackle the mess. I had gotten a sub. and had my entire day planned. Needless to say, I did not get as much done as I had planned. I REALLY cleaned out and got rid of lots of stuff. A big yard sale is in the near future. I feel so much better and now I have just got to keep it up.

I am truly ashamed to show the before pictures but I think the after looks pretty good.

The before of the closet and laundy room.

The after... Much Better:)

Katie Lee helping Donnie with the boxes that go in the attic.

Yard Sale

Fun at Lillian's

We had dinner and lots of playtime with Lillian and her family Saturday night. She and Katie Lee have so much fun playing together. I think the parents had fun visiting too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a fun Saturday!

I love weekends especially here lately. It seems like the only time that the three of us are together spending quality time with each other, and we still stay very busy. Donnie has worked so much lately, so by the time he gets home at night, plays with Katie Lee for just a minute and then eats supper it is time for bed and to get ready to do it all over the next days. I never knew how much I would wish that he had a job that allowed him to be home every night by 5:30 or 6:00. OH the life of a UPS family. Anyway, he does make a great living for us and is a hard worker. I am truly thankful for that.
Anyway, back to our weekend. This morning, after sleeping in (7:30) we were up and at em. We had to drop Donnie's car off for oil change. Then we had breakfast at Charlie's Vittles. I know the name says enough. Actually despite the name and the building, the food was great. It is one of those small town restaurants in Ardmore where everyone knows your name and probably everything about you too. HA! It must have been pretty good, Katie Lee ate one and half eggs, a piece of toast with jelly, and a piece of French toast. She told the owners thanks for breakfast and ended up getting a pack of M&Ms for the road. After that if was off to the green house. We went to Ray's which has become one of our favorite for flowers and vegetables for the garden. Of course Katie Lee had a ball. The Hogan's were there so she played with Belle and Blair. (My camera was in the truck, so no cute pictures.) She got a ball from the owners when we left. Don't you just love family owned businesses. Then we went to town to Lowe's to pick up a few things and see Uncle Zeb. She was very excited to see him. We also saw Aunt Mary. Katie Lee has even got a name for her now. Not exactly Aunt Mary, but close. Of course, she cannot see her without touching her hair. No one else that Katie Lee has ever been around uses so much hairspray. HA! After that it was off to one more green house. The one opened by Athens High School. It was the neatest, cleanest, most organized looking green house that I have ever seen. Finally, we ended our day out with Katie Lee's favorite--- the PARK!!! I do believe that she would slide all day if she could. What a great day around town!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Helping Poppie

This afternoon, Katie Lee had to "help" Poppie set the table back up from the storm last night and fill in the hole that had formed. She loves helping especailly if it means that she can stay outside for a long time.

Fun at Grammie and Poppie's

I downloaded pictures of Katie Lee from Mother and Daddy's camera and thought that I would share some of the fun things that she does while I am at work.

Happy 200th

Happy 200th post to me. I cannot believe that I have actually kept this up as much as I have. Thanks to all of the tens of readers that I have daily that are keeping up with what Katie Lee is doing.

Easter at Grammie and Poppie's

Last night we had Easter supper at Grammie and Poppie's. Grammie cooked a wonderful supper for us. We finished with our tradional bunny cake and a Butterfinger cake. They also gave us great Easter basket goodies with a gift card and new flip flops. Katie Lee even got a picnic table, bubbles, hair bow, real big girl panties (shown in some of the pics below), and lots of other goodies. Aunt Kitty and Uncle Zeb also gave her a bag of goodies including quarters to put in her bank, and gave us a very pretty plate full of chocolate chip cookies.

We hid Easter eggs inside because of the rain and colored eggs for the first time.