Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can't time please slow down

I cannot believe that I even wrote that title. I am the one who has been counting down days until summer since Christmas. Yes, I still want the school day to go quickly, but Katie Lee needs to slow down. She is growing and changing so fast. Don't get me wrong, I want her to grow and develop normally and I would never want to hinder her development, but she is just growing up too fast. Just yesterday, she learned how to say Gary, Boss (Zeb's dog), and forget. She also recognized the color yellow in a book and said yellow. All of that is fine and good, and I am very proud of her. Here is the sad part. Ever since Katie Lee was a baby, night time has been our special cuddle time. At first we would rock in the recliner, then she wanted to lay on the couch, and in the last few nights she would get just about asleep and want to go to bed. Once she falls asleep we put her in her baby bed. Well, last night we got on the couch, said her nite nite prayer (even prayed for the ceiling fan) and she pointed into her room and said nite nite bed. She wanted to just go lay down in her bed before going to sleep. I laid her down and she snuggled up with Dog Dog. I tried to pet her and she moved my hand. Oh, she doesn't even need me to go to sleep anymore! I never thought that would bother me. I had even been talking about her a big bed because she is getting close to being able to climb out of the baby bed, but it completely broke my heart. Anyway, she slept all night but was very proud to see me this morning before I left for work. I know this will seem really minor before long and I will probably even laugh about it.

Well, my class just came in. Maybe the day will go quickly. :) Only 18 more to go!!


Oliver said...

i understand completely how you feel. Oliver turns 2 on May 13. Hubby is on closes a great deal of the time so I end up letting him sleep in bed with me once or twice a week just because of the snuggles. They're intoxicating. He's been in his big boy bed since Jan. and he loves his though. Lately I feel as if I'm trying to memorize every baby detail of what's left in him before the new baby gets here in July. I know once she does, I'll be so busy that it will all be gone.

Julie :) said...

OMG!! I cannot believe that they are capable of going to bed on their own. I was looking forward to when Aydan turned 30 and still getting to rock him night night. Reading your blog Leanne really tore me up because Aydan and I have a special night night routine and it breaks my heart to think that he will not need me to be part of it anymore. Then when I read your friends comment...that was the icing on the cake. Where and the world does time go to??? I guess I better just go ahead and brace myself...cause it does not look like he is going to make it to 30 and still needing me :)