Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a fun Saturday!

I love weekends especially here lately. It seems like the only time that the three of us are together spending quality time with each other, and we still stay very busy. Donnie has worked so much lately, so by the time he gets home at night, plays with Katie Lee for just a minute and then eats supper it is time for bed and to get ready to do it all over the next days. I never knew how much I would wish that he had a job that allowed him to be home every night by 5:30 or 6:00. OH the life of a UPS family. Anyway, he does make a great living for us and is a hard worker. I am truly thankful for that.
Anyway, back to our weekend. This morning, after sleeping in (7:30) we were up and at em. We had to drop Donnie's car off for oil change. Then we had breakfast at Charlie's Vittles. I know the name says enough. Actually despite the name and the building, the food was great. It is one of those small town restaurants in Ardmore where everyone knows your name and probably everything about you too. HA! It must have been pretty good, Katie Lee ate one and half eggs, a piece of toast with jelly, and a piece of French toast. She told the owners thanks for breakfast and ended up getting a pack of M&Ms for the road. After that if was off to the green house. We went to Ray's which has become one of our favorite for flowers and vegetables for the garden. Of course Katie Lee had a ball. The Hogan's were there so she played with Belle and Blair. (My camera was in the truck, so no cute pictures.) She got a ball from the owners when we left. Don't you just love family owned businesses. Then we went to town to Lowe's to pick up a few things and see Uncle Zeb. She was very excited to see him. We also saw Aunt Mary. Katie Lee has even got a name for her now. Not exactly Aunt Mary, but close. Of course, she cannot see her without touching her hair. No one else that Katie Lee has ever been around uses so much hairspray. HA! After that it was off to one more green house. The one opened by Athens High School. It was the neatest, cleanest, most organized looking green house that I have ever seen. Finally, we ended our day out with Katie Lee's favorite--- the PARK!!! I do believe that she would slide all day if she could. What a great day around town!!


Amber Ellis said...

Girl, I LOVE Ray's! I'm headed there this week to buy my spring flowers.

Looks like ya'll had a great weekend. I love reading your blog. Ya'll are such a sweet little family!

The Higginbotham's Blog said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am glad you enjoy reading it...I have added you to my daily list of reads!! Have a great day!