Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Mother

Saturday night we celebrated Mother's birthday with dinner at Kathryn's. As always, Kathryn had everything perfect for Mother's special dinner.  This year's theme was Lemons and Lace.   

The birthday lady!!

Kathryn, Mother and Me

I wanted a cute picture of the kids eating.  They were too busy eating to look at me for a picture. 
Mother and Daddy

My sissy and me. 
Grammie and her grandbabies.  

Silly pictures.

Giving Grammie her gift.  A new camera.

Daniel is busy playing on Poppie's phone. One of his favorite things.

Sampling the cake. 

Daniel really loved his cake. 

Anyone remember Ralphie's brother on A Christmas Story?  HA

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

His and Her Shower

Saturday night, we hosted a His and Her Shower for one of Donnie's hunting friends and his new wife. They recently got married and bought a new home.  We had a simple cook out.  Luckily our crazy Alabama weather was wonderful for that evening. 

I sat up a simple food table with burlap and buttercups.   

I had long tables with white table cloths, burlap and buttercups to make the garage at Eddie and Kate's home look a little fancier. 

The newly weds. 
Lots of friends and family came. 

Another friend of theirs made a beautiful cake for them. 

They did not have a big wedding or reception so this was perfect for them.  
I hope they have many long and happy years together.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

This and That

Lots of this and that called life has been going one lately. We have mainly been busy with our normal daily things like school and work. 

Katie Lee's school celebrated Read Across America week at the beginning of March. I sent Seuss Snacks during that week.   
Last Sunday, Kathryn and I took the little ones to see Disney Live.  They sat spellbound through most of the show.  I love watching them take in new things. 

We celebrated Katie Lee's report card with pizza and a movie.  She had all A's again.  Nothing under a 96 all year. 

Daniel wanted a report card too but was happy getting to celebrate with her.  
This week we are enjoying Spring Break.  It is still very cool here and should get colder.  We're in Alabama and it is the end of March...time for warm weather!!!