Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Mother

Saturday night we celebrated Mother's birthday with dinner at Kathryn's. As always, Kathryn had everything perfect for Mother's special dinner.  This year's theme was Lemons and Lace.   

The birthday lady!!

Kathryn, Mother and Me

I wanted a cute picture of the kids eating.  They were too busy eating to look at me for a picture. 
Mother and Daddy

My sissy and me. 
Grammie and her grandbabies.  

Silly pictures.

Giving Grammie her gift.  A new camera.

Daniel is busy playing on Poppie's phone. One of his favorite things.

Sampling the cake. 

Daniel really loved his cake. 

Anyone remember Ralphie's brother on A Christmas Story?  HA

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Kathy said...

Happy birthday to your mom! I just turned 60 a few months ago, so we're the same age. Love all the pictures but the last one of Daniel just made me laugh. That boy likes his cake!