Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 months

Daniel turned 2 months on Sunday. It is amazing how fast time is flying. He is eating four ounces every four hours and sleeping all night. He smiles often and has laughed out loud a time or two. He loves to goo and try to talk. He likes to watch Katie Lee play and loves his swing. Bath time is great as long as the water is a perfect temperature. In the last few days he has been out to eat several times and went to Target. He has also stayed with Grammie and Poppie several times and stayed with "Aunt" Stephanie and "Uncle" Scott for a couple hours. Sunday night was his first time to "play" with Langdon in his playroom.

Today, I took him for his 2 month check up. He passed with flying colors.

length--24 1/4 inches--98%

weight--11.9 lbs---30%


His breathing is still not good, so Dr. Dudley is sending him to another doctor next week for another opinion and to make sure nothing is being missed.

Picture Post #5

Something You Wore
Last Friday, Katie Lee was so excited that the Fresh Beat Band was having a special show as the Wizard of Oz. She talked about it all week. She wanted us to rush home from Preschool because it came on at 12. Well, the cable guide had the channel wrong so she missed the first 30 minutes of it but you don't have to tell her. She watched about 15 minutes and she was happy. Anyway, she felt the need to dress the part.

Monday, January 30, 2012

First Day to Church

Yesterday was Daniel's first day to go to church. He was really good and slept most of the time. We were glad to be able to go altogether as a family. Katie Lee was super excited and sent several people over to see him after church. She also wanted to hold him which she hasn't wanted to do 5 times since he has been born but she was proud to have him with her.

Photo Challenge #29

Inside Your Frig.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Challenge #7

Today's photo challenge is favorite.

#1 Favorite TV show--First of all, there is really not much on TV and what is on is not good quality. My new favorite is The Big Bang Theory. It may not be the best for KL but it is HILARIOUS and it comes on after her bed time on TBS. :)
#2 Favorite Internet past time---PINTEREST. If you have not tried this, well don't. It is addictive!!! I have found the best ideas from cooking to parties to holidays to teaching ideas. Katie Lee even asked for a board to pin her favorite things.

#3 Favorite Make Up Product. This is the best eye make-up remover. I use it daily because mascara is one make-up item that I never go without. This is great at taking it off.

#4 Favorite drink--Sweet Tea from Chick-Fil-A. Enough said.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo #16


You would think that I would have a picture of a beautiful sunrise, little ones waking up smiling, morning rountine or at worst the alarm clock. Nope, worse than that......CHICKENS and ROOSTERS!! That's right. They are in our flower bed just about every morning with their lovely wake up call (insert sarcaism). They belong to the house two doors down and they drive me crazy!!!! By the way, there is no law in the state of Alabama that says that farm animals have to be fenced. They ate all of our food from our garden back in the summer and they are just gross. If anyone knows of something that will keep them out of our yard, let me know. In the mean time,

Cockadoodle doo Good Morning!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo Challenge--#3

Today's photo challenge is something your adore. I selected my slide bracelet. It is one of the most special pieces of jewelry. Each slide has a family story behind it. My newest slide is the third one from the left, the little boy. Donnie gave it to me for Christmas to represent Daniel. I have just a little room left and it will be complete.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Love It

Today was one of those wonderful days that makes me so thankful that I am not working right now. It also makes me sad with the thought that I have only a little time until I have to go back. Yes, I have been begging to just get to stay off for the next 5 years. My plea is not working too well.

Seriously, who would want to leave this cute little face.
He must be growing today because he has slept about all day.

Katie Lee and I have been super busy today playing, baking, and painting. We made our ToDo List this morning. She loves a list more than I do. :) I think the only thing that we can successfully mark off our list is playing. She wanted it on our list three times. So much for dusting and cleaning the bathroom. I guess that can be done tomorrow.

We made cupcakes for her to take to school tomorrow. I gave her six that we were not sending and let her decorating them by herself. She had the best time.

This afternoon, we went outside for a while. This was Daniel's first time outside besides getting in and out of the car. The sun was so bright he could not open his eyes.

On the other hand, Katie Lee loved the sunshine.

Grammie and Langdon came for a visit, too. He was so excited to see Katie Lee. He just loves her.


Photo Challenge #22

Today's challenge is shoes. I love shoes!! I especailly love boots in the winter. They are my go to shoes because I get quickly dress them up or down plus they keep my toes warm on these cold winter days. (HA HA It is 60 something degrees here today and it is January.)

Monday, January 23, 2012

#23--Something Old

Today's challenge is something old. I selected this chest of drawers. When Donnie and I got married I inherited a house full of things. I had moved into to his house that he was born and raised in until our house was finished. I got the good with the bad. :) I knew that we would only be living in that house for a few more months so I just used what was aready there. I did change the border in the kitchen and painted the foyer. I tried to make his house become our home. It worked for the time being. Anyway, I did save a few things from that house to be used in our new home. One of items was this chest of drawers. It was in his mother's room. I was a light brown color that matched her bed. I painted it and changed the hardware. It holds my table linens. I used it in our dining room at our first home, kitchen area at the rental and now it is in our kitchen of our home. I would love to paint it a turquoise shade and put it at the top of the stairs but I have nothing else to put at that spot in the kitchen so it will have to stay put until then.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wonderful Teacher Blog and a Give Away

Check our 4th Grade Frolics. It is on my side bar. She is having a great give away because she is almost at her 800th follower. Ths is giving away a cute esty necklace.

It's A Deal

A few weeks ago, I stopped at Dirt Cheap. A co-worker had talked about getting some things from there and then I read on someone's blog about finding diapers super cheap, so I decided to stop. I had heard that Target and some other stores things are sent there. When I entered I really thought this was a complete waste of a trip. It was NOT appealing but I decided to walk around. I saw a lady digging in a bin that said 20 cents. She had several cute things that could be used for goody bags. I recognized several things from the dollar bin at Target. Anyway,I did not see anything that I must have. I walked on around and saw this cute picture frame. It came from Target and was Dirt Cheap for $13.00 and 80% off of that. I'll take it. I also found this workbook for Katie Lee for $1.

I started toward the check out when I noticed a girl with an arm load of clothes. They were actually cute clothes. I then decide maybe I should look over the clothes too. Anyway, I found this dress and green top. I think both came from Sears.

Anyway, I ended up getting those 4 things for about $25.

I don't think that I will be rushing back anytime soon but may have to check it out from time to time. I think it is probably a very hit or miss kind of store with a lot more misses than hits.

#9 Daily Routine

Today's challenge is daily routine. This one just cannot be done with one picture so here are several from our day.

This is a typical MWF day. Our day usually begins around 6:45. (Love getting to sleep in since I am not working right now.) I get ready and get KL ready for preschool. I drop her off and return home a little after 8. Daniel is usually is asleep when I pick him up from his bed, in the car to drop her off, and returns to his bed until about 9 when he is ready to eat again.
In the mean time, I do laundry (NEVER ENDS!!) and clean.
After Daniel's bottle around 9, I get him cleaned up for the day, we play a little, and then he is back to sleep.

We pick KL up from preschool. I love how she always says that everything was her favorite part of preschool every day.

We pick up lunch.

The rest of the afternoon is playing until about 2.
At 2 it is nap time. So far, both of them have nap at the same time.

Then it is supper time (often at Mother's).

Back home for baths.

Then it is bedtime.

Friday, January 20, 2012

When My Sister Is Away....

I get to play on her bed.

Today I was cleaning her room and he was having tummy time on her bed. He looked so big to me and he was holding his head up so I grabbed my camera, but of course, by the time I returned he was finished holding his head for the day. It just took too much out of him.

Happy Friday!!


Today, Katie Lee had a round lunch. I have found that you have to get creative with food for this little one. She is very picky and gets tired of the same thing every day. This seemed to work for her today because she gobbled it up.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

#25 Something You Made

Remember that burlap and wreath that I got a few weeks ago. Well, I finally got a picture of the finished product. It is not exactly the way I wanted it but it will do for now. I had some burlap left and I am working on a Valentine's wreath using the left overs. I will post it later.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#6 Makes You Smile

Today's photo challenge is Make You Smile.

Well, guess who is full of smiles in the last few days.

Sweet Daniel is really beginning to smile more often when I talk to him.

Yesterday, Katie Lee was playing with him which doesn't happen often. Anyway, as soon as he got his eyes focused on her he just smiled the sweetest little smile.

On a completely different note, we had to take Daniel for a Barium swallow test yesterday. He is a noisy breather, but lately it has seemed worse. Monday, I took him to the doctor. She first checked him for RSV because she said that it was running wild. He did not have it, so she wanted him to have this test run to make sure he did not have anything blocking his air way and did not have acid reflux. We had to take him the the hospital for the test yesterday morning. This is the picture of him in his little hospital gown. He did great and drank the drink with no problems. He even smacked his lips a little so it must have tasted pretty good. He was fine. They think that his muscles in his neck was just not strong enough yet and should improve in the next few months.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here I am after church Sunday night. Picture taken by Katie Lee.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Childhood is full of play and imagination.
Katie Lee turned her toy ironing board and the bottom of one of our little tables into a drum set.
Playing with her Loving Family and dollhouse is a favorite past time.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo # 21--Reflection

  • Katie Lee and I were playing around to get a reflection picture with the dressing table in her bedroom. She was all about taking pictures so I have several that I think are cute.

    Sweet innocence.

Excitement--I left her another note on her mirror. She thinks this is the neatest. Today's note says "You are my sunshine."
She did not know that I was still taking pictures on these last two. She is playing with her tea sets. I wish I could just bottle up these years because time is moving way too fast.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo #11--Where You Sleep

Here is a shot of our bed. I changed the bedding over the summer. We had had the same bedding since we got married and even though it still looked really good I was ready for a change. Originally I wanted something very neutral. I am always afraid of those neutral pallets. They always look beautiful in magazines but I am afraid that it would just look bland if I tried. Anyway, I went with this more bold bedding and I LOVE it.

This is the other little bed in our room for right now. Daniel's little bed. When Katie Lee was born, Daryl, that Donnie works with told us that we could just have the bed. I guess after 4 or 5 kids they had used it enough. HA Anyway, Katie Lee used it with a pink ribbon, then Langdon used it, and now Daniel is sleeping peacefully in it. By the way, he has been sleeping from about 10 to 5. :o)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo #2--Breakfast

Here is Katie Lee's breakfast before preschool. I have found if you cut food into shapes and add a dash of sprinkles food is better eaten.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photo #13 In Your Bag

The photo challenge did not say what kind of bag. I picked a favorite bag. Hobby Lobby. I always find great things at Hobby Lobby. So what is in my bag?

A wreath and burlap.

Check back later to see what I am going to do with these.