Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo #11--Where You Sleep

Here is a shot of our bed. I changed the bedding over the summer. We had had the same bedding since we got married and even though it still looked really good I was ready for a change. Originally I wanted something very neutral. I am always afraid of those neutral pallets. They always look beautiful in magazines but I am afraid that it would just look bland if I tried. Anyway, I went with this more bold bedding and I LOVE it.

This is the other little bed in our room for right now. Daniel's little bed. When Katie Lee was born, Daryl, that Donnie works with told us that we could just have the bed. I guess after 4 or 5 kids they had used it enough. HA Anyway, Katie Lee used it with a pink ribbon, then Langdon used it, and now Daniel is sleeping peacefully in it. By the way, he has been sleeping from about 10 to 5. :o)

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"Allie Play" said...

Something about the shotgun in the picture is scary. Surely Elkmont isn't this dangerous that Donnie needs the shotgun by the bed. :)