Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photo # 24 and #17

Photo Challenge # 24 is Guilty Pleasure.
Mine would have to be soft drinks. I love them. I could drink a days worth of calories easily. While I was pregnant with Daniel I did really good about not drinking them and if I did I really limited my intake. Well about a week and half after he was born, I was still doing OK with not getting carried away with them. I had dropped all my pregnancy weight except for a couple pounds. Then Donnie came home with a two liter Cherry Sun Drop. I adore these!! I finished the 2L in less than 24hours and sent him after another one. That is all it took. My will power was gone and I drank as many drinks as I wanted. NOT EVEN THE DIET ONES!!! This lasted for about two weeks. Needless to say those last 2 baby pounds has now turned into about 5lbs. That is really ridiculous if you think about it. I really have to think that it is all because of my intake of cokes. I have not eaten that much more than normal.
So there you have it, my guilty pleasure.

Now since I have confessed my pleasure, it brings me to Photo Challenge #17. WATER!! This is what I am trying to increase. I really like water and drink a lot of it at school, but I have a hard time drinking it at home. So this is my challenge, to stop my soft drink consumption and go to all water. While pregnant I was craving it and was drinking about a gallon a day. I am hoping that if I go to all water those 5 pounds will drop. Then I will work on my usual 10 pounds that I would like to drop.

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