Saturday, July 18, 2015

Celebrating the Red White and Blue

4th of July celebrations are always a fun summer get together.  It was this sweet ones first 4th so she look cute for the part. 
I made these patriotic short cakes. 
Mother always has the table looking so pretty. 
Daniel's plate with a pretty good sampling of what we had for supper.  It was delicious as always. 
For some reason, Donnie decided it would be a good time to whittle.  He had lots of help from the little ones 

My sweet little family.  
Best friends, best cousins, brothers and sisters.  Love them all 

Who needs fire works when you have glow sticks, necklaces, and headbands?  We did have some good fireworks to see from our neighbors, The Rednecks as Daniel would say.

Happy 4th of July. 

Big Boy Bed

I turned Daniel's nursery to a big boy room. He has loved his baby bed and  has been happy sleeping in it. He still had enough room to stretch out even though it did not convert to a toddler bed. He did know how to get in and out of his bed by himself, so I knew now was the time to make the change. Since I am out of school for summer, I thought it would be a good time to change. I was worried about him getting up at night or falling out. So far he has only fallen out once and will not get out of his bed until "the sun is open."

The day that we picked up his mattress.  We are all walking into the store and I look down at Daniel.  He is so excited and he is walking in the store with this puffed out chest and this  walk that showed he was the big boy getting the big boy mattress.  I could not help but get tickled at him. 

This is his bed. It is an old iron bed and I think it looks just perfect for a little boys room. It may not work in a few years when he will be taller than me, but I will worry about that when the time comes.    I bought it several years ago and it had been sitting up in the attic since.  We had it sandblasted to get the rust off. 
It is a half bed and it has to be pretty old. 
I sprayed it with a primer.  Just one good coat.  I used some that is suppose to be rust proof.  I got it at Lowe's and it took one can.  I then sprayed it with a dark blue that was also made for iron and was to help keep it from rusting.  Side note-- If you are spray painting in the garage, make sure your floor is well covered several feet out.  Our garage had a blue tint to it, but it comes up pretty easily too.  Also, the garage is not the best ventilated area and this paint was very strong.   
It took about 3 coats and 2 cans of spray paint. 
 Soon it was time to move it in.  This little boy was very excited about his big boy bed. 
The bed is a half bed and the mattress is a twin.  This left a few inches on each side.  I was worried about his falling out but did not want to put up side rails, so we covered the bed rails on both sides with a pool noodle that we sliced and fit onto the rail.  It worked perfectly. 
His finished room.  I did not want a cartoon theme even though he really wanted Planes.  I let him pick out Planes sheets and that worked for him.  I did use vintage inspired airplane prints and accessories.  The prints came form etsy.  Frames from Christmas Store, and airplane accessories from Hobby Lobby.  His bedding is Nautica from Ross. 

I love how his boy bedroom turned out. 
I sold the baby bed and I know it is going to a special family, but it was really sad since it has only been down for less than a year in the last almost 8 years.  My babies are growing up too fast. 

Showering Cydney

My SSM sisters and I recently hosted a bridal shower for Cydney, Nancy's daughter, who is getting married in just a few weeks. 
SSM sisters.

I thought our table turned out so pretty.  
Cydney got lots of great items for her new home.  Wishing her a long and happy marriage. 

Father's Day

We celebrated the best daddies on Father's Day. I am so thankful our kids have such a great daddy.   

We had supper for Poppie and Donnie after church.  Caroline (aka Pudding if you ask Uncle Donnie) loves riding on Daniel's horse. 
Langdon gave Poppie an extra special gift. 
Fishing poles so the two of them can go fishing. 

Katie Lee and Daniel made Poppie a special gift telling why he is the best Poppie. 

Katie Lee said Poppie is her Hawaii 5-0 Partner and Daniel said Poppie is his buddy. 
Poppie and his little girls
and his big girls. 

The littles also made Daddy a special picture gift too.

Katie Lee said, Daddy is the funniest person.  Daniel said, Daddy is his best buddy. 

Family Gathering

We recently got together with all of Daddy's brothers and sisters and their families.  We set up the waterslide for the kids to play.  They had such a good time playing and played so well together.   

Poppie getting sweet loving from his granddaughter, Caroline,  and great niece, Mattilea. 

Caroline getting her toes wet.  I think she liked it.

Men playing corn hole. 

These two were too busy playing to eat while everyone else ate, so they had a little picnic when we made them get out of the water. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

American Girl Store

Catching up on all of our summer fun. Katie Lee joined a bunch of girls from her class at the new American Girl Store in Nashville for a little fun shopping and lunch at the Bistro.  The girls used their GS cookie money for their purchases.   

Time for lunch.  We had set reservations right when the store began taking them.  We were set for small groups every 15 mins.  Lucky for us no one else had booked that day so they were able to set all of the girls at the same time.  They loved having everyone and their dolls together. 


The moms all got to sit together too. 

Katie Lee ordered a special decorate your own cupcakes for dessert. 

Katie Lee had a hair appointment and ear piercing for her doll.  This is a really cute thing that the American Girl Store has. 

What a fun day to spend with her friends outside of school.