Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 3-- Hollywood Studios

Continuing our trip which I am terribly behind blogging about. Day 3 was Hollywood Studios.

First up pictures with Anna and Elsa garden sculptures.  I love how everything at Disney is just perfect looking.   
First Fast Pass of the day was the Toy Story Ride.  As we waiting in our fast pass ride, Daniel had to go to the bathroom so sadly he and Donnie ended up missing the ride. 

Then we ran into Jake and Sophia playing around.  The littles loved these. 

They were super excited to see Doc in her house and got her autograph.  We really lucked up on getting some autographs without long lines. 

Then it was time for Disney Jr. on Stage. 

Jazz hands!!!

Lunch at Hollywood and Vine.  Of course they were excited and had lots of fun while we ate lunch. 

Then on to Frozen Sing Along.  We all enjoyed watching and singing. 

Daniel wanted to watch the Muppets and then he was kind of afraid of some parts of it.  Doesn't he look fabulous with his 3D glasses. 

We got back to our resort just in time for rain.  When it had about finished, we let the kids swim for a little while before supper. 

Needless to say, they were worn out by the time they got in the bed. 

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