Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 5-- Back at the Magic Kingdom

We finished our last at Disney at the Magic Kingdom.  We had just a little time that morning before we had to head over to Chef Mickey's for brunch. 

Our first stop was a little window shopping for sweet treats. 

We were welcomed to Main Street by the Mayor himself. 

We watched a super happy parade with lots of songs, dancing, and favorite characters.  .  

Katie Lee was excited to see this sweet kitty that she has always called Pink Pink. 
Soon it was time to head over to Chef Mickey's.  On the monorail, Daniel studied the map to plan our afternoon.  He was a huge fan of the maps all week long. 

Watching a few cartoons while we wait for brunch. 

We got seated just in time to parade around with Pluto. 

Donald Duck came to visit our table first. 

So excited to see Mickey Mouse. 

Minnie Mouse

Some were not as excited about seeing Minnie because she is a girly.

Time for Goofy!!

We ate lots of yummy desserts. 


We tried to get a picture with Chef Mickey....
and we tried...
finally we settled for this one. 


We got back to Magic Kingdom just in time for the Zippity Do Da band. 

Mary Poppins.  So pretty
Have to have a picture in front of the castle on Main Street.... along with every one else. 
Kathryn and Langdon.
A few more pictures in my favorite spot. 
I love the Dumbo.
Sweet Daniel..

Then on to the people mover with my favorite people.   

The rest of my favorite people. 

Pretty Katie Lee with Alice. 

Love these next two pictures.  

Winnie the Pooh ride.  Such a pretty ride.

Oh the many faces of this silly little one. 

Stopping for a few afternoon treats. 

Katie Lee and I had fast pass to see Tinker Bell. 

Finally we had just about worn these littles out and it was SO hot.  They decided they were ready to go back to the room to swim. 

Making the most of our wait time for the shuttle. 

The little ones did not want to go back for the electric parade and fireworks, so Kathryn and I left them with Donnie and Zeb and we headed back to the Magic Kingdom.  We had supper, did a little bit of shopping, and found our perfect spot. 

The next morning we had to pack our bags and head for home. 

We headed back for our last quick serve breakfast. 

Daniel had a little more money to spend so we did some shopping.  Talk about a kid in a toy store.  In no time we were on the road headed home.  We had the best littles for staying up late, getting up early, no naps, no crying and full speed a head.  They were worn out and did not take long to fall asleep on the way home. 

See you next time, Mickey Mouse!!!

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