Thursday, January 20, 2011

Around the House

Thanks to all the snow last week, I got several things done around the house. The playroom is now more organized. At least everything is out of the boxes and sorted and most of it is put away. I have lots of other projects for this room that I hope to get done soon.

Katie Lee trying out her dress up mirror.

Too many critters!~!
We also got an entertainment center the Saturday before the snow, so I was able to pretty it up some.
Best of all, Mother got a few days off so she was able to make my drapes for the living room. She really got on a sewing kick. She made those drapes, Katie Lee an outfit, Baby Langdon's bedding for her house, and his baby bedding and curtains for the nursery.
This picture really does not do these justice. I LOVE the fabric!!! This is the same fabric that I had Donnie drive me to Nashville to pick up the same day that we came home from the beach back in the summer.

Paint Night

Monday night some of the girls got together for dinner and paint night. It has been a while since we last painted, and it was lots of fun. We also celebrated Alicia's birthday.

Family Day

Last Saturday turned into just a nice family day for the three of us. We have been so busy. It seems that with moving, Christmas, Donnie working so much and taking care of Virg the last two months have slipped by without a lot of time for just the three of us. Katie Lee has been asking to go to Chuck E Cheese for about a month now. She loves it. Saturday was her special day. We headed to Decatur for some indoor play time. I think everyone else decided the same thing. It was SO busy. Anyway, she had a ball playing all of the different games.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

Been back to school for just three days with the kids and already have snow days. Of course, I am loving being home right now, but I will be hating this come May when we should be out of school. Yesterday, Donnie was off too. This is the first time since I have known Donnie that the weather had every stopped the UPS trucks from running. It was wonderful having everyone at home. We spent a good bit of time playing outside. The Sutton's and Mother and Daddy all came over to play. I love how snow makes everyone kids again. After lots of snow ball fights, running, and rolling in the snow, we built our snow lady.

At first, I thought that Katie Lee was having trouble walking with all of her layers on, but I soon figured out that she just wanted to roll in the snow.
MK and KL taking a break.
Who needs snow cream, when you you can just eat snow from the ground.
Mother and Donnie playing a game of snow ball baseball.
Building the snow lady.
The finished project.

Today, has been a great day to stay inside. Mary Kaitlyn and Hayden came over for awhile. I am getting to several projects around the house. The playroom is finally looking more like a room and not just a storage room. Pictures of the house coming soon.

New Years Eve

This New Year's Eve was spent with my family. We really had a wonderful time eating, playing cards, and ringing in the new year together. Katie Lee was very excited about the new year and I thought that she may not make it, but she was still in full swing when we went home at 1:30.

Happy New Year!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Everyday is a BIG Day!

Katie Lee found this cute Olivia shirt the other day at Target. She absolutely loves Olivia and can quote many of her sayings.