Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

Been back to school for just three days with the kids and already have snow days. Of course, I am loving being home right now, but I will be hating this come May when we should be out of school. Yesterday, Donnie was off too. This is the first time since I have known Donnie that the weather had every stopped the UPS trucks from running. It was wonderful having everyone at home. We spent a good bit of time playing outside. The Sutton's and Mother and Daddy all came over to play. I love how snow makes everyone kids again. After lots of snow ball fights, running, and rolling in the snow, we built our snow lady.

At first, I thought that Katie Lee was having trouble walking with all of her layers on, but I soon figured out that she just wanted to roll in the snow.
MK and KL taking a break.
Who needs snow cream, when you you can just eat snow from the ground.
Mother and Donnie playing a game of snow ball baseball.
Building the snow lady.
The finished project.

Today, has been a great day to stay inside. Mary Kaitlyn and Hayden came over for awhile. I am getting to several projects around the house. The playroom is finally looking more like a room and not just a storage room. Pictures of the house coming soon.

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