Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy

Sunday night we celebrated Daddy's birthday. August is birthday month in our family. 4 birthdays in the first 19 days of the month.

Best parents EVER!! 

Daddy and his girls

Quest for a good group picture.

And again.  Maybe one day we will get one with all the littles happy and looking at us. 

The guys

Singing happy birthday and blowing out candles.  Daddy had three little helpers. 

That 70's Night

Last Saturday night we attended a 70's themed/scavenger themed party.  We had to look for clothes to dress the part.  Donnie headed to Uncle Virg's closet and I hit up the thrift store. Donnie cracks me up. 

Katie Lee thought we looked pretty funny and Daniel was not sure about Donnie with hair.  HA  Donnie also came in 3rd place for best dressed. 
Ready to leave with my 70's Tupperware bowl in hand. 


Our team for the scavenger hunt won!!! We had to get tickets at different locations in limestone county based on the clues we were given and then get back first.  We also had a bonus to do the hustle as a flash mob.  Thank you skating rink for helping us out. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

County Fair Birthday Party

Saturday night we celebrated Katie Lee's 6th birthday with family and friends.  Katie Lee had a County Fair themed party.  Due to all of the rain we moved our party inside.  I think it turned out great and everyone had fun. 
(Picture overload in a very random order.) 
Katie Lee with Grammie and Poppie. 


We tried to have a family picture and this is where Daniel wanted to stand. 

With my sweet birthday girl. 

Another attempt for a family picture.  :)

 The Birthday Girl!!

Katie Lee wanted a sprinkle cake just for herself and them cupcakes with sprinkles. 

As we finished up setting up for the party, Poppie took Katie Lee and Daniel for a walk around the track. 
 As the guest started they played with the balloons.

Ready to start the party.  Katie Lee wearing her birthday hat that Aunt Kitty made and her birthday hairbow. 
 Everyone is ready to eat.

 Singing Happy Birthday!

 After eating it was time for the games.  We started with outside games before it got dark.  Potato sack races. 

 On Your Mark
 Get set!!!

Then it was PiƱata time.   


Then it was time to head in for more games.  They grabbed their tickets and was ready to play. 

 Bean Bag Toss
 Pick up Ducks
 Ring toss, Pin drop, and Tin Can Alley

 Art Exhibit.  Each kid was able to make a creation to take home and then they pinned one on the board that we left for the senior citizens that use the building daily. 
 Daniel had fun walking around, playing with the ducks, and eating candy.
 Langdon liked the balloons and cleaning up the paper at the end.  :)

 Even the big kids got into the fun!

Thanks to my sister for helping me set everything up.  She is the best!!

 Finally it was time to open gifts.  Katie Lee loved everything!!

 More fun with the balloons. 


 After the party Katie Lee and Lillian let all of the balloons float into the sky. 
Katie Lee said she had an awesome time.