Thursday, August 22, 2013

That 70's Night

Last Saturday night we attended a 70's themed/scavenger themed party.  We had to look for clothes to dress the part.  Donnie headed to Uncle Virg's closet and I hit up the thrift store. Donnie cracks me up. 

Katie Lee thought we looked pretty funny and Daniel was not sure about Donnie with hair.  HA  Donnie also came in 3rd place for best dressed. 
Ready to leave with my 70's Tupperware bowl in hand. 


Our team for the scavenger hunt won!!! We had to get tickets at different locations in limestone county based on the clues we were given and then get back first.  We also had a bonus to do the hustle as a flash mob.  Thank you skating rink for helping us out. 

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Kathy said...

Since I grew up in the 70s you look perfectly normal to me. Ha, ha. Sounds like a really fun night!